It’s all about experience and expertise.

For complete solutions meeting our clients’ needs, we offer wide-range and in-depth

experience and expertise across different technologies, examples of which are presented below.

Data Analysis

·  System that is being built for 3+ years

·  Designed and developed evaluation and reporting framework for data analysis pipeline.

·  Solution built from scratch to ensure scalable, robust and extensible support for  large dataset processing

·  Contains ETL tool which can be used for any type of standard data formats, along with the support for GIS

·  Solution provides a wide range of data quality checks, from trivial validations (date or number format), through referential integrity validation to complex checks involving external services


·  iOS applications with domains related to maps, photos, sports or HR managment.

·  iOS application that handles almost a million sessions per month

·  iOS application with secure payment transactions and mobile security

·  REST API integration and full offline mode, integration with iOS apps

Automation tests

·  Complete testing solution on all projects: From exploratory testing and initial test case design to test script creation based on written test cases

·  Test scripts embedded in automated CI solution (Jenkins) on all projects: Get feedback on your application quality in few minutes after the developer commits its code

·  Quick adoption to any type of application we need to automate: We have experience in writing automated solutions for web (Selenium, Watir, Capybara), api (Ruby, Java, JMeter)  mobile (Appium),  backend apps and services (JMeter, Shell scripts)

·  Filling in automation tools gaps: We have experience in developing our own tools and plugins for missing features in automation tools we use (example is JMeter)

Java Based Systems

·  System that is being built for 3+ years

·  Based on Play framework to leverage rapid development

·  Average daily flow is 15 million records (100 GB) which equates to 3 TB of data per month

·  Microservices architecture to ensure scaling and avoid interlocked dependencies


·  Working on Android app that has more than half a million sessions per month

·  Stripe technology is used to enable payments in mobile applications

·  Using RxJava-android, a powerful Android multithreading tool providing large performance optimizations, and control of threads


·  Development: we develop complete cloud based solutions from the ground up, with scalabilty being a primary focus

·  Migration: we can migrate your existing workloads to a cost-optimized and fault-tolerant cloud environment

·  DevOps: we build tailor made tools and frameworks for Continuos Delivery to ensure optimum automation and efficiency

Ruby on Rails

·  ABH handles online team management system of 2+ million users

·  ABH owns development of this system for 2+ years

·  On monthly basis, system handles more than a million web sessions

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