Earlier this month we celebrated our 21st Birthday! That’s right baby, Atlantbh is now of legal age in every country. Usually, we celebrate with our Atlanters by having a big party with lots of food, music and dancing. But things have been different lately. 2020 happened. It’s still happening. So, we find ourselves working from home.

Now, we are more than happy to do our part and stand in solidarity with our global citizens by staying in as we all go through these trying times. However, that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. So, while we may not be able to dance the night away with each other, we still have 21 reasons to dance and enjoy the music – in style.

That’s why Atlantbh gifted every one of our Atlanters a pair of AirPods Pro, to thank them for being part of our journey and for continuing to make things look easy, together.

Check out our 21 reasons and maybe you’ll want to dance too.

  1. We have the best team – does this really warrant an explanation? We would not be as successful without the hard work and dedication of our Atlanters. They are reason numero uno, always and forever. Which brings us to, numero dos;
  2. We value Atlanters over everything else – if we didn’t they wouldn’t be as committed to making things look easy with us.
  3. We have the best view – it isn’t always about looks, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have something nice to look at. 
  4. We kept hiring, growing by 20% in 2020 – Every cloud has a silver lining and we made sure that 2020 would be memorable for other reasons. Our commitment to steady growth allowed us to hire more fabulous talents – and we’re not stopping any time soon.
  5. We can work from anywhere – a change of scenery can do a world of good, that’s why we have always prided ourselves in offering a work from anywhere policy. 
  6. We provide student scholarships – and 2020 was no exception, because now more than ever we need to invest in the future.
  7. We continued to educate young talents through our ABH internship – formal education + practical experience = ready to take on the world. We’re here for that!
  8. Unlimited vacation – nothing new here folks, we’ve always found it too tedious to count how many days off our Atlanters take. We rather keep track of their achievements (spoiler: we do). 
  9. We work with leading global clients – yeah we do, no shame in a little self praise.
  10. We offer an attractive maternity package – we respect all our mama bears and know that these superheroes need all the support they can get. We got you.
  11. We have flexible work hours – again, who’s counting? When it comes to time and vacay days, we really aren’t very good with numbers – and we don’t want to be.
  12. We support young athletes – because they need some love too! We also love cheering them on – it’s a question of pride really, and we’ve got loads of it.
  13. We conducted over 500 interviews in 2020 – how else did you think we were able to hire so many new Atlanters? These are the kinds of numbers we like to track. We also like to give as many applicants a chance to chat with us as possible.
  14. We created a viral marketing campaign to support B&H tourism – by viral, we mean v i r a l. Famous Bosnian athletes like Edin Dzeko joined our mission to support B&H tourism when the covid-19 pandemic first broke out and hit businesses the hardest. 
  15. We support local small businesses – because we are an equal opportunity supporter and we need to show some love to small local brands, especially now when things are so uncertain. 
  16. We offer an education budget and benefits – we believe in lifelong learning and support our Atlanters in their search for knowledge. 
  17. We think and act green – #ABHGoesGreen, from recycling to sustainable business practices. 
  18. We mentor the next generation – every new Atlanters gets a big buddy to mentor them on the job so they can integrate faster.
  19. 40% of our Atlanters are women – because equality. Enough Said. 
  20. We have the best team building retreats – From ABH Tribal Games to ABH Tidal Games, if you haven’t heard of these epic retreats then do you even follow us on social media?
  21. We make things look easy – we just do.

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