Education and social responsibility represent integral parts of the Atlantbh culture. For years we’ve been committed to supporting aspiring IT professionals in building their careers. Alongside maintaining strong partnerships with student organizations, organizing various educational events, and offering ABH Scholarships to students studying in IT-related fields, we’ve also successfully implemented 22 cycles of the ABH Internship program!

ABH Internship is well known among students and young professionals; chances are, you’ve already heard a lot about it. In a nutshell, it provides young talents with an opportunity to gain practical experience and prepares them for the job market. But what makes it so special? Our internship brings many benefits to those who pursue it, yet some are most valuable for our interns. We bring you those as follows:

One-on-one mentorship 

Mentorship is extremely important at Atlantbh. So is having an individualized approach to the learning process. That is why every ABH intern gets their own mentor with whom they work one-on-one during the internship. Our mentors are vastly experienced and dedicated engineers who are there to provide you with strong guidance and share their experience and expertise with you. We understand that every intern has a different level of knowledge as well as different affinities. Our mentors know how to accommodate those individual differences and make the best out of your internship experience!

Demo presentations and feedback 

Besides gaining an opportunity to expand your knowledge and obtain valuable tech skills, as an ABH intern, you get a chance to improve your public speaking, presentation, and soft skills as well. You present your work from the previous month at the end of every month. While preparing for the demo, your mentor provides additional support and tips regarding the presentation itself. We really want you to succeed! So, after presenting, your mentor, Internship coordinator and our engineers give you valuable feedback on your progress. This helps you navigate the next chapter of your internship journey. 


ABH Internship is implemented in such a way that allows interns the flexibility of organizing their own time and coordinating their other responsibilities with the internship itself. It is implemented within a hybrid working model which means you have the freedom to choose whether you’d like to do your work in the office or remotely (or both), depending on your location and personal preferences.

If all this sounds like a good fit for your needs and you can already envision yourself as an ABH intern, be sure to follow us to keep an eye out for our open calls and apply to kick-start your career with us!  

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