What are morals?

Well, that’s a loaded question. It isn’t always easy to explain what it means to be moral. Some of the greatest minds to walk this Earth have tried to tackle this question: Plato, Ibn Rushd, Kant, Aquinas, Confucius, and my man Buddha.

Now let me be straight forward with you, I cannot begin to compete with these geniuses, or with the modern philosophers poring over Sanskrit over Ivy League moons (best academic institutions). But, I can try to explain what morals mean for us at Atlantbh. So here are 8 traits which show that you got some good old fashioned Morals:

  1. Have integrity: Integrity and respect not only towards the company but towards yourself. Your personal integrity is what makes you credible. It is also why you are a good role model, never afraid to stand by your choices even if it is difficult.
  1. Have strong principles: You strive towards living your life according to your personal principles and values. This means you have a moral compass and strong beliefs which you firmly hold onto and which allows you to be consistent in your behavior and attitude towards others. Which leads us to our next trait …
  1. Are reliable: you are stable, moderate and consistent. When you establish a position about a professional problem, you are prepared to defend it with arguments and passion, however, you are also willing to consider arguments from the opposing side.
  1. Are responsible: you are responsible, when you take on tasks, you will always complete them on time and as agreed upon. Basically, you always keep your promises … and promises are debts. A Lannister always pays his debts (morals and Game of Thrones anyone?).
  1. Instil confidence and trust: People look up to you. Others come to you for advice, both personal and professional because you can be trusted.
  1. Are cool headed: In stressful situations, you don’t take on a defensive stance or become quickly irritated. Under pressure, you remain calm and stable, you are a person others can lean on and come to when feeling overwhelmed. Others view you as mature and unexpected situations don’t throw you off balance.
  1. Are honest: you communicate openly and honestly with no hidden agenda. Ready to show the truth, no matter how bad, but always in an appropriate manner. You are prepared to admit your faults and mistakes and don’t present yourself in a false light for personal gain.
  1. Make good choices: Your decisions are based on analysis, wisdom, experience and estimation … no matter how long it takes to make the decision. You will always choose the right as opposed to the easier option or approach to a problem (test your moral compass and how you would act when faced with moral dilemmas here).

In a nutshell, morals mean you are authentic, consistent and trusted and our Atlanters strive to demonstrate these traits daily. What do you think of our Morals?

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