So you want to be an Atlantbh intern? You want to learn about the latest industry trends, work on a real project, and receive one-on-one mentorship from experts in their field?

Of course, you do. But how and what and where, when, why, who?


It really isn’t that complicated. In fact, let me break it down for you in 8 simple phases

Phase 1: Visit our website.

Visit it often. How else do you expect to stay updated with the latest internship information, like when the next selection process begins? Psss it’s soon so check it out here. You should also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with ABH internship vacancies, events, and activities.

Phase 2: Pick a project.

Not to brag or anything, but Atlantbh has many projects to choose from. Do you «speak” Java or Ruby, are you team Apple or team Android, do you like to search for bugs, or are you all about that analysis and big data? Make sure you consider your options carefully, then apply to the project that interests you the most. Wait, are you telling me you can’t choose? That’s ok, we won’t make you … you can apply for two projects because we recognize that everyone is multifaceted with many interests. The important thing is that you have theoretical knowledge on the project, but technical experience with technologies is always a plus.

Phase 3: Apply.

This is your time to shine! Polish up that CV and make sure your personality shows. Remember, we get loads of applications so you need to be as creative and unique as possible. Once your CV is updated and glam, apply online to the project or projects of your choice.

Phase 4: Telephone interview.

You know when that phone bling, it can only mean one thing … Atlantbh is calling you! A member of our Talent Management team will give you a call after you submit your application. We want to get to know you better, learn something about you that we don’t get the chance to see on your CV. Our telephone interview is also to help you understand the internship selection process better (see Phase 5), where our Talent Management team will explain all the details and answer your questions. So relax and enjoy the chat.

Phase 5: Selection process.

The moment when all your motivation and experience pays off. You made it to the selection process, but now you really need to sell it. This phase includes the interview where you get the chance to sit down with our engineers and show both your soft skills and your technical skills. Depending on the project, you might also be asked to complete a task to show us just how good you are.

Phase 6: Work, work, work, work, work.

It all begins with a kick-off meeting where you meet your mentor and learn all about how Atlantbh implements the agile methodology in practice. This prepares you for the next two to three months, where aside from working on real projects, you will also get the opportunity to attend presentations by Atlantbh’s engineers.

Phase 7: Mentorship.

Every intern gets their own mentor who they work with one-on-one throughout the internship. The intern’s task is to initiate contact and to check all task uncertainties with his or her mentor. The mentor will provide you with advice and will guide you towards solving problems by implementing best practices.

Phase 8: Presenting your work.

At the end of every month you get the chance to present your work and receive feedback from the mentors, internship coordinator, and our engineers. This helps us track your progress and even encourages you to push harder for the next month. Because who doesn’t like a little healthy show and tell?

Ready to be our next intern? Go to Phase 1.

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