When choosing a place of work, what do you take into consideration? Do you evaluate the company culture, and whether you’re entering a healthy, supportive work environment? Here in Atlantbh, Atlanters’ wellbeing is a priority, and we strive to make our daily lives easy through continuous advancement of ABH Benefits.  

What are “benefits,” and why do they matter?

Employee benefits include any type of perks and non-wage compensation implemented within an organization, ranging from health insurance, through paid time off, or gym memberships. Companies institute benefits with the aim of providing financial stability, as well as caring for employees’ welfare. In modern workplaces, perks and benefits are the new normal, and recent research cites some of the following as the most desirable company benefits across global markets: paid sick leave, flexible working hours and working location, additional health insurance, and the like. Moreover, potential employees are encouraged to research benefits and rewards packages offered by an organization, as they are a telling indicator of the company culture, and the values cherished within a workplace.

So what about benefits in Atlantbh? We try to give the people what they want! Here’s how: 

Growth & self-actualization 

When designing the benefits scheme in Atlantbh, we start with a simple question: “What do Atlanters find most important?” We find that our community is best described as a rare microcosm gathering ambitious, hard-working individuals, determined to challenge themselves and become experts in their field – a community determined to make things look easy. Hence, we make Atlanters’ self-actualization a priority. The clients we chose to work with are some of the world’s Leading companies, pushing the boundaries of innovation in their sphere of influence. Atlanters cooperate with them via Challenging projects, requiring the knowledge and continuous mastering of Cutting-edge technologies. Likewise, as we perceive that one’s full potential is best realized through personalized learning paths, we guide our talent with Mentorship programs, as well as track and reward individual progress and advancements for every Atlanter with Annual assessments. Importantly also, we are proud to say that we are creating opportunities for the nation’s youth, by rewarding promising students through the ABH Scholarship program, providing select candidates with one-on-one mentorship through ABH Internship, and extending Entry-level opportunities for many Juniors set to build a career in the IT industry. ABH Benefit no.1, thus, encompasses the general framework of opportunities and the commitment to excellence experienced within Atlantbh. 


As aforementioned, Atlanters place great value on opportunities for continuous learning. Accordingly, in addition to the ABH Academy where they get to explore the various aspects of the IT industry, the Education budget allows them to delve deeper into topics they are most interested in. 

Flexible hours & place of work

Bounded by mutual trust and shared commitments, Atlanters work where and when they want – as long as the work gets done, everything is fair game. Besides Flexible hours and Work from anywhere, we’ve also adopted Summer Fridays throughout all seasons, meaning that on Fridays, the official workday ends at 3pm. Additionally, Atlantbh offers Unlimited paid leave. Yup, you read that right – plan as many vacations as you’d like! But don’t get it twisted, as we still love to spend time together in the office, cultivating our unique company culture. To that end, as not all Atlanters live in Sarajevo, those who hail from other cities enjoy Remote benefits which ensure them accommodation in Sarajevo, as well as financial support for travel expenses. 


Atlanters’ health is also of grave importance, so we care for it through Private health insurance policies, as well as Accident insurance. Moreover, we’ve partnered up with Clinics, Dental offices, and Optical service providers, securing reduced prices and additional healthcare benefits for a variety of Atlanters’ health related needs. 


Likewise, Atlanters are encouraged to maintain active lifestyles (healthy body = healthy mind), and supported to do so through FitPass membership, permitting unlimited monthly access to more than a 100 locations across the country (gyms, pools, dance studios and more). We’ve also partnered up with additional Fitness studios which grant Atlanters discounted rates for group exercise.  


And when it’s time to take a breather, we got you covered. First off, we’ll help you arrange and book a Massage with a masseuse we partner with at an exclusive price, every working Wednesday. Additionally, you can book yourself Spa and Cosmetic treatments with discounted rates at one of our partners’ salons. 

Daily life

Atlanters enjoy Exclusive offers and discounts at a number of specialized stores, easing their access to tech gadgets, nutritional products, furniture, jewelry and accessories, and much more. Likewise, Atlantbh made deals with a driving school, a food delivery service, a travel agency, as well as a pet shop and a veterinary station! Supporting Atlanters through it all is truly the name of the game. 


All in all, Atlantbh aims to support its team every step of the way. Getting married? You can count on a Wedding bonus. Having a baby? Here comes Baby bonus! Are you becoming a father? You get Paternity leave. (New mothers get a long-term paid maternity leave, duh.) Whatever the big occasion, we intend to celebrate together. 

When choosing a place of work, think about the support you can count on. In Atlantbh, you can count on carefully designed, ever expanding ABH Benefits, and a team which will consistently do their best to assist with your particular needs.

ABH Benefits
March 14, 2023

ABH Benefits

When choosing a place of work, what do you take into consideration? Do you evaluate the company culture, and whether you're entering a healthy, supportive work environment? Here in Atlantbh, Atlanters' wellbeing is a priority, and we strive to make our daily lives easy through continuous advancement of ABH Benefits.  …
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