As part of the Talent Management team at Atlantbh, we have gotten used to hearing some of the same questions, such as:

What does the Atlantbh selection process look like? What does each cycle of the selection process mean? What can I, as a future candidate, expect?

So, we decided to write a blog that will help answer some of the main questions you may have about our selection process.

To be more transparent, establish better relationships, understand and get to know you better, provide a unique approach and treat each applicant equally, Atlantbh established a selection process that ensures that each and every applicant is contacted by phone, and given the chance to provide additional information about themselves. This is now our standard approach for both current job openings, as well as our generic job application.

Next, you wait for feedback from our hiring team – they review your application, select the best candidate for the job, and inform the Talent Management team of their choice. If you make the cut, you will either be contacted to arrange an interview time, or sent a task to complete with a strict deadline (this all depends on the number of applications we receive).

The interview is generally made up of two parts; the soft skills interview and the technical interview. On the day of your interview, you will be met in our lobby and introduced to the rest of the hiring team. During the soft skills interview, you are asked to present yourself, to answer various questions based on your experience and CV, and even to explain the answers you gave during your phone interview. After this, our tech team will sit down with you to ask several tech questions that allow you to share your knowledge and show your understanding of the tasks.

It is not unusual for you to receive a task after this interviews, which can mean several things – there may be lots of strong candidates for the position or often we find that candidates’ nerves may intervene with showing off their skills and knowledge, therefore, the hiring team provides an additional chance for the candidate to prove themselves.

After this phase, we arrange a date for the psychological profiling process to see whether you match the profile for the job opening.

If you pass all these steps, you get to sit down with our Directors for the final interview after which an offer is sent to join our team.

The selection process helps us find people who will not only contribute to the wonderful work we do here at Atlantbh, but who will also be part of the strong team we have built. So apply now, we are waiting for you.

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