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ABH Card #8: An Analyst’s Job

By May 17, 2018 August 28th, 2018 No Comments
Open to challenges

Recently, we had a request for custom analysis to determine which data subset has the highest quality. We weren’t given specific subsets to compare, so it was our task to determine which values for which fields are the best quality indicators. Since the dataset was large and had many potential indicators, it was challenging to choose the right ones. In the end, the result was achieved by using combinatorics along with evaluating the quality grade of the data. For me, that task was a great experience since I had the opportunity to learn more about determining the quality of large datasets in a relevant time frame.

Checks and balances  

An analyst’s job requires a high level of concentration in order to avoid mistakes, since a small error can lead to serious issues further on. Regarding checks and balances, we have a register of existing analysis types, which are used to check if a report contains what is required of its respective type. Additionally, we perform internal report checks, where team members inspect the reports and discuss any potential issues. Errors have a way of getting in, and this approach minimizes that chance.


Development and improvements

In addition to specific job skills, which have improved since joining the team, I think I learn something new every day. I am lucky to work in a team in which members command various knowledges and skills and are very forthcoming in sharing them. Specifically, I believe that I have improved my Java skills considerably, thanks to different tasks I encounter regularly.