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ABH Card #9: Continuous integration, continuous learning

By May 21, 2018 June 5th, 2018 No Comments
Optimising CI and Test Infrastructure

Recently I have been working on optimising the cost and flexibility of our project’s CI (continuous integration) and test infrastructure by leveraging Docker containers and container orchestration for our services. This helped me and the whole team and improved our processes as it's now much easier to spin up new environments, which require less effort to maintain and keep stable.

Testing for Error

When implementing tests or CI procedures I don't stop when they pass or execute successfully. I always try to make them fail or error to check how they behave in those situations - that way I know that they work as expected and when they really fail I am ready to handle the problem.

Continuous Learning  

When I notice a technical problem in the processes of the team I try to do research about similar problems and how they were solved. By doing so, I always find new tools or practices with the technology the team is currently using, and I try to fit those in the project if applicable. This helps me keep track of new tools, technologies and practices.