Successfully delivering software systems …
it’s kind of our thing

It all began in 2000, with only a handful of employees and a couple of great ideas. Some hard work with a dash of blood, sweat and tears, helped us grow into the world-class software development company we are today. With clients all around the globe and our team feeling like they’re at home, what more could you ask for?
Things were hard then. They still are. We just make things look easy.

Creator of quality software and lasting relationships


We’ve developed a wide range of skills and expertise through close cooperation with our clients. Meeting their unique requirements and providing quality software throughout the years …

It’s how we grow.


Do it for the culture – Make it look easy.

Life @ Atlantbh

We work hard, but encourage freedom, trust and openness. Our company values aren’t just words on a page, they’re part of our culture.

From Drive to Grit.


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