Our company has been operating following ISO standards for years now.

Recently, the supervisory audit was successfully completed, which means that it was confirmed that we continued to comply with the ISO standards. 

Both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 are internationally recognized standards that demonstrate an organization’s commitment to quality management and information security. Implementing these standards can assure customers that the organization has robust systems and processes to deliver high-quality products/services and protect their sensitive information.

Why do ISO standards matter?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the challenge of maintaining exceptional quality standards and robust information security practices. ISO standards provide a framework for ensuring quality, customer satisfaction, process efficiency, risk management, compliance, and continuous improvement.

But let’s delve a bit into the significance of these standards and understand how they contribute to organizational excellence.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. It provides a framework that helps organizations enhance customer satisfaction, optimize operational efficiency, and continually improve their processes. This standard emphasizes a customer-centric approach, making it essential for businesses across diverse sectors. By implementing this standard, organizations establish a systematic approach to quality management, ensuring consistency, reliability, and excellence in their products or services.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems

In an era driven by digital transformation, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount. It provides organizations with a systematic and comprehensive approach to protecting valuable information assets and managing risks effectively.

ISO 27001 establishes a robust framework to identify, assess, and mitigate information security risks, such as risk management, asset management, access control, incident response, and continual improvement.

The synergy between ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

While ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 address different aspects of organizational management, they complement each other in several ways. Achieving certification in both standards enables organizations to integrate quality management and information security seamlessly.

This process requires constant improvement and a general change in awareness of the importance of confidentiality, information security, etc., so Atlantbh has a dedicated team working on maintaining and updating our quality management systems.

Also, if you are wondering how to get certified, you can find more info here.

And last but not least, we made things look easy – again! 

Atlantbh at ITC DIA Europe 2024
June 1, 2024

Atlantbh at ITC DIA Europe 2024: Leading Digital Transformation and Insurtech Innovation

Atlantbh is attending Europe's thought-leading insurtech conference ITC DIA Europe - Amsterdam 2024.  With over two decades of experience, Atlantbh has led digital transformation for numerous high-profile clients worldwide, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. For the past seven years, we have assisted industry leaders in enhancing efficiency and refining operations…

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