We decided to mark Atlantbh’s 22nd birthday by funding the reconstruction of the children’s playground in the only public preschool in Vareš. Atlantbh birthday donation – new swings, a slide, seesaws, a sandbox, and a rubber mat have now been installed, to achieve the highest level of safety for children – and lots of fun too!

Atlantbh’s 22nd birthday by funding the reconstruction of the children’s playground

The playground was officially opened on June 1st, symbolically for International Children’s Day. The event was visited by the Mayor of Vareš, Pomozi.ba and Atlantbh representatives, teachers, and children. Atlantbh employee volunteers planted flowers and helped paint and decorate the access road to the playground together with the children.

We are happy to have partnered up with the local non-profit humanitarian Association Pomozi.ba which managed the Atlantbh birthday donation project and construction work at the location. Following their slogan “We only have what we give” the Association provides aid for endangered people throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. With their help we were able to identify Vareš as a municipality in need of infrastructure projects and investment that can help increase the standards of living.

Atlantbh has been around for more than 22 years, and in this time, we have worked with world class clients, hired top IT experts, and have always remembered to give back and share our success with the local community!

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