When starting a new career, young people are faced with uncertainty. Believe us, we’ve been there – and that is why we want to make it easy for you by sharing inspiring Atlanter stories and answering your Atlantbh Internship questions. Today, we are responding to your big “WHY” – why is an Atlantbh Internship the best way to build your skills. 

Twenty-five cycles of Atlantbh Internship provided us with countless answers, and we are sharing some of them with you: 

Work with your mentor

Atlantbh Interns receive personalized guidance through one-on-one mentorship with experienced Atlanters. Our mentors are dedicated to adapting to your unique knowledge and interests, ensuring an enriching internship tailored just for you.

Own your project

Internship projects at Atlantbh mirror the daily work of our engineers, minus the pressure of client deadlines. After you finish the internship, you can keep your project and use it in your portfolio! 

Experience working in a team

You will collaborate with other Atlantbh Interns, as each person has a specific job in creating complex applications. You will learn how important it is to work well with others and be part of a productive team in a Scrum-based setting. This makes collaborating with fellow interns enjoyable and dynamic and provides valuable insights into teamwork. 

Work with cutting-edge technologies 

Technology is constantly changing, and at Atlantbh, you won’t just keep up – you’ll be at the forefront. Get hands-on experience with the latest tech to give yourself an edge.

Work on (all) of the skills

As an ABH intern, beyond acquiring tech skills, you’ll enhance public speaking, presentation, and soft skills. Monthly demos showcase your work, with mentor guidance ensuring a successful presentation. Feedback from your mentor, Internship coordinator, and our engineers aids your progress for a smoother internship journey.

Attend Atlanter knowledge-sharing sessions

We’re big on sharing our knowledge. As an Atlantbh Intern, you get to join knowledge-sharing sessions held by our engineers. It’s like tapping into a goldmine of experience that Atlanters love to share.

If you have your answer, apply to Atlantbh Internship here until February 9th!

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