Atlanters did some time-traveling, taking a leap back to the historical crossroads of Medieval Bosnia. At least figuratively – in reality, over a hundred of us spent three days together on our annual team building – Atlantbh Medieval Tales, enjoying good company and some competitive games. How awesome is that?

Atlantbh Medieval Tales

Atlantbh Medieval Games

Atlanters, divided into epic teams, dove into a quest for eternal glory, facing five games testing speed, precision, memory, and teamwork. They had to walk through the Medieval Bosnian Cities, throw a cannonball, conquer Jajce, decipher Bosancica, and, in the end, try out their archery skills.  

Some games asked for strength and logic skills, while others required a brave heart and team effort. But they all mirrored Atlantbh culture of unity, ambition and hard work.

Atlanters had limited time to decide how to divide the roles. Who is good at time management at work? Is that person a good leader? What everyday skills we see at work could be useful for each game? And we can tell you – with the way the games were played, we know each other pretty well.

abh medieval tales

Atlantbh Medieval Quiz

The Atlantbh Medieval Tales Quiz unfolded as the sun set, replacing swords with wit. Atlanters enjoy a good Pub Quiz at our office, so it was a must-have at our team building. All around our medieval village, they could read fun and insightful facts about the medieval history of our country. It was really fun seeing who paid the most attention, and who found all the info tables! 

Atlantbh Medieval Quiz

Building on to our culture

However, the true magic happens when the entire company immerses itself in the experience – that’s when our shared values and culture truly shine! Our curiosity, sense of responsibility, teamwork, and passion for good fun and games were on display during our recent adventure.

While we take pride in our culture in our day-to-day lives, there’s something extraordinary about witnessing a multitude of Atlanters in one place, embodying the core Atlantbh values throughout the journey. It became evident that, despite our differences, we share common threads: a commitment to responsibility, a knack for collaborative work, and a love for enjoying good times together!

Atlantbh teambuilding

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