Seeing members of the Atlantbh Sports Team in a race is not unusual. Sport is a bond many of us share, and it gives us an opportunity to spend time together outside the workplace. Our team entered both the 5K team run and the 10K races organized by Sarajevo Marathon, and they won some trophies but, most importantly, beat their own personal running records and had a blast!

For the 5K team run, Atlanters had to work together as a team, as every individual’s run time contributed towards the final result. They showed both their top form and team spirit, and ended up winning first and third place in the mixed team category. Congratulations to Samra, Adna, Asmir, Kerim, Marko, Darko, Kenan and Bakir – you make running look easy!

Atlantbh Sports Team

Besides running, Atlanters often gather together to play other sports. We play football and basketball weekly and visit the Olympic Mountains as a team every weekend during the winter to ski and snowboard together. 

Atlantbh provides the FitPass card for those who prefer the gym or other recreational facilities – such as the pool. This #abhPerk has motivated many of us to adopt a healthier lifestyle and start going to the gym.

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