Another year gone by, another 365 days of amazing memories and successes to celebrate. From challenges to lessons learned, we have definitely grown this year. But the best part is we learned a lot of new things about ourselves … like the fact that we make things look EASY (even when they are super hard). So, take a stroll down memory lane with us as we highlight the best of this past year.

Welcome to Atlantbh’s year in review for 2017.

The biggest success of this year is arguably the fact that we employed 22 new Atlanters! We pride ourselves in being able to provide eager youth with the opportunity to gain practical experience and build on their knowledge. This is why we continued to provide our ABH Internship, with three cycles this year and 21 interns – some of which became our employees.

In an effort to diversify the educational opportunities we offer students, we looked for innovative ways to collaborate with universities and other members of the community. Subsequently, we introduced Atlantbh Dev Days this year – a two-day workshop which gives students the opportunity to try new technologies by working on real projects, with the help of trained mentors. The first Dev Days was held in Bihać and the second in East Sarajevo. Both were in collaboration with local technical universities and development agencies.

We even turned some old activities into new opportunities. Like last year, we participated in the EESTEC JobFair at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo. But this year we added the Dragon’s Lair, an idea incubator competition for students with great ideas who want to turn their project into a product. The winners will be joining our interns in early 2018.

Keeping up with our love of knowledge-sharing, our employees continued to write blogs. We even beat our own record, with over 30 blogs written this year – all from experienced individuals in their respective fields. This year was also marked by a focus on Data Science, with presentations held throughout Sarajevo by our PlaceLab Data Science team.

But it isn’t always all work and no play at Altantbh. Our employees contributed to multiple charitable causes, whether its collecting school supplies, a holiday toy drive or supporting children battling cancer, our company and colleagues jumped at the chance to help out.

We also continue to support healthy lifestyle activities and cover 50% of employee’s sports memberships. This year we even introduced massages in the office! Aside from that, the office can get pretty crazy when we release our inner child by hanging out during mystery dinners, bowling, Star Wars Premiere, Atlantbh Sticker Book and office decorating competitions for Halloween and Christmas. Heck, we often take the fun outside of the office like our Company Retreat on Vlašić which proved to be the best retreat to date.

So how did we celebrate such a successful and eventful year? New Year’s office party of course! Food, drinks, Secret Santa gifts and a lot more …

We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.

New cycle of QAmp begins
February 23, 2023

New cycle of QAmp begins

Thanks to the success of the first generation of QAmpers, our Talent and QA team had quite a challenge ahead of them. The second cycle of the Atlantbh QA education had over 900 applicants! This is what happens when you have real success stories to share. After a detailed selection…

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