Atlanters’ Challenge for a Clean Bosnia and Herzegovina

Atlantbh and its community is passionate about supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina. We buy local products, have mini team buildings throughout the country, and have started the nationwide famous campaign #putuj387. But, before (or while) you travel your country with #putuj387, we have to make sure it is clean!

We always love it when Atlanters come up with amazing initiatives, as it makes our culture grow even stronger. Nađa is a strong environmental advocate and proposed we all make an impact together. And, just like that, #ocisti387 was born!

Leading by example

Atlanters jumped on straight away because we love a good challenge. We are sad to say there were many locations to choose from, as there are too many that need to be cleaned. So, we divided and conquered. After a couple of hours, more than 50 Atlanters, good teamwork, many bags of trash and Trebević, Koševo, Velešići, Spomen park Vraca, Grbavica and Stojčevac were clean. 

Atlanters’ Challenge

Not your usual team building, but we’ll take it any day! 

Now, it’s your turn!

But #ocisti387 cannot stop with us! We challenge and invite you to help clean our country! Gather your team, choose your  locations, and we promise it will be fun! 

Also, we want to see your contribution. Share your photos, tag us and use #ocisti387 hashtag – do your part and  inspire others to take action!

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