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We are a team of 160+ creative thinkers, passionate innovators, fearless creators, ambitious individuals – all striving to create new and remarkable things together.

Jasmin Begić

Chief Technology Officer

Jasmin has had many roles during his 10-year-long career at Atlantbh, starting as a Junior Software Engineer before arriving at his current role as Atlantbh’s CTO.

He is most proud of his colleagues who began their careers as juniors, just like him, but are now leading our big teams of multiple engineers. His biggest advice is to take responsibility for your actions - either big or small - because it will bring out the best in you. Every little thing you learn will help you become a better engineer. Also, never write code you don’t understand.

In his free time, Jasmin loves sim racing and skiing.

Jasmin Velić

Chief Financial Officer

Jasmin is our Chief Financial Officer, but he has been through a few roles since 2008, when he joined the company. At the very beginning he was a Junior Test Engineer, but later on he got the chance to lead teams through challenging projects. Today he is in charge of finances, client relations and creating a positive atmosphere in which Atlanters thrive. When not in the office, he is occupied with football and his family, with whom he enjoys spending time with.

Samra Tanović

Director of Analytics

Samra joined Atlantbh in 2011 and is currently Director of Analytics. She holds a Master in Applied Computer Science with a specialisation in Colour in Informatics and Media Technology, from a university-business cooperation of 4 European universities (University Jean Monnet, University of Granada, University of Eastern Finland and NTNU in Gjøvik). While Samra has contributed to Atlantbh's projects in multiple ways, her current responsibilities include planning, managing and analysing the products and services we are working on.

Sabina Grcić

Director of Talent and Marketing

Sabina has worked in various industries and global companies prior to joining Atlantbh. Her road from Marketing Manager to Director of Talent and Marketing is filled with multiple positive practices and creative ideas, which is why she has helped make things look easy over the years. Sabina is delighted to work for a company which values people more than anything else. When she isn't at a CrossFit session, Sabina can be found in nature riding her bike.

Ilma Velić

Director of Products

Ilma became an Atlanter during her final year of bachelor studies in 2009. She started her journey as a Product Owner, despite being the youngest Atlanter at the time. More than a decade later, she is our Director of Products with dozens of successful projects behind. The satisfaction of her team is a top priority for Ilma. When she is not at the meeting, you can find her spending time with her family or designing super cool interiors.
Igor Banjac

Igor Banjac

Head of Talent

Igor joined Atlantbh when we were just a five-person company working out of a small room. He likes to say that he learned everything he knows by working on dozens of different projects at Atlantbh. Igor began his journey as a Web Developer, working on navigation systems for Nokia. He also worked on our PlaceLab Machine learning software as QA, Scrum Master and finally as a Product Owner working on one of our global projects. Following that, he spent a few years in the ABH Analytics team in the role of Project manager. Now, he is part of the Talent team as a Head of Talent. When he's not working hard, you can find Igor outside of the city in his garden taking care of his plants.

Davor Kovačić

Principal Software Engineer

Davor Kovačić is a Principal Software Engineer at Atlantbh. He first joined Atlantbh in 2010 to work on the Nokia HERE Technologies project, now HERE WeGo. Today he contributes to multiple projects including Atlantbh's very own PlaceLab software. Before this, Davor spent nearly four years at Amazon Web Services as a Software Development Engineer. If you ask him about his hobbies, he'll say he doesn’t have any he’s proud of. We disagree, between CrossFit and Bitcoin trading, Davor is as cool as it gets.

Emir Handžić

Lead Data Analyst

Emir joined Atlantbh in 2011. He began his career as a test engineer in a DevOps role, later becoming an analyst with a great team exploring data to extract meaningful insights that can be used to better understand business performance. He loves the freedom his job offers, allowing him to balance work and his love of extreme sports.

Bakir Jusufbegović

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer

Bakir joined Atlantbh in 2010 and today serves as our Principal Quality Assurance Engineer. He has made significant progress in the company in the field of quality assurance. In addition to improving testing processes, he has mentored interns and new employees, which is what he is most proud of. Bakir also likes to take breaks from his daily work by playing tennis and football or reading good books, especially biographies of successful people from different fields.

Kenan Klisura

Lead Software Engineer

Kenan began his career at Atlantbh as a front-end developer. Today, he is one of our Senior Developers and a Lead Engineer with fullstack skills. He loves working as a programmer, because it allows him to combine the arts, sciences and engineering. After all, he lives by the doctrine ‘One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions’. In his free time, Kenan loves to read books on astrophysics, quantum physics, psychology … he also plays guitar, because he’s not just a beautiful mind.

Samra Džubur

Data Analyst Manager

Samra's learning curve is constantly progressing since she joined us as a Junior Data Analyst in 2016. Now she is a Lead Data Analyst and she says that her curiosity, drive, and willingness to learn are the same as they were on day one. When not working on big data sets, Samra likes to spend time with her team outside of work and to run half-marathons and trail runs.

Mladen Teofilović

Lead Software Engineer

Mladen explored an interesting road from Junior to Senior, and then Lead Software Engineer since he joined us in 2016. Thanks to his endless curiosity, he learned very quickly through cooperation with experienced Atlanters. He is delighted to work on complex projects because it motivates him to be constantly focused on self-development. Staying humble and always positive is his recipe for success. When not developing software, you can find him playing some sport.

Amel Muharemović

Lead Software Engineer

Amel joined the team in 2015. New to Atlantbh, he began working as a Java and Web Developer, learning how to work both in the backend and frontend. Today, Amel is a full-stack developer and team lead whose sense of accomplishment comes from solving a problem or overcoming a challenge. Ever the basketball fan, Amel spends his free time playing or watching sports … that is when he’s not binge-watching his favorite show on Netflix.

Irma Smajić

Product Owner

Irma is a Product Owner at Atlantbh. Hers is a true Cinderella story, from intern to front-end developer, to full-stack developer to mobile developer to her current position. Working on different projects, in different roles, she has had many opportunities to gain experience. That’s why it’s clear that Irma has taken advantage of the Atlantbh mentorship process and knowledge-transfer environment, making her mark and showing her strengths.

Alma Kalauzović

Product Manager

Alma joined Atlantbh in 2009 upon completing her undergraduate degree in telecommunication engineering. Currently, she is a Product Owner on the PlaceLab Data Science software project. Alma's position entails three key responsibilities: understanding the vision of the project and its stakeholders, understanding the needs of clients and, communicating and organising team tasks.

Emin Viđen

Product Owner

Emin started his ABH journey back in 2013 as a Data Analyst, and today he works as a Product Owner. He improved his skills in every possible aspect over the years, and he is the proudest when his team analyses users across dozens of countries and then adds a feature that makes their life easier. When not in the office, he likes to spend time with his children or hiking.

Mirnes Omerkić

Principal Software Engineer

Mirnes joined Atlantbh in 2016. With years of experience in networking and system administration on various projects with mixed infrastructure technologies, Mirnes was the right fit for Atlantbh’s DevOps role. As a Lead DevOps Engineer, Mirnes helps his team by working on miscellaneous automation tasks, managing servers, and most importantly supporting developers and test engineers. When he’s tired of the 1s and 0s, he chills out with his guitar or piano.

Amina Alijagić

Product Owner

Amina’s first contact with Atlantbh was during her studies, and upon graduating, first from University, and then from the ABH Internship, she joined our team in 2018. Amina showed her dedication and hard work as a QA Engineer leading to her becoming a Product Owner. She is great at listening and balancing the needs and wants of both our clients and team members. Even though her job is challenging and requires great effort, she says that with her team everything looks easy. Amina is proof that young people can progress quickly in their career if they have grit, drive, passion, and dedication!

Nejra Suljić

Product Owner

Nejra is a Product Owner at Atlantbh, currently managing a Big Data project with an international financial services company. Her responsibilities include splitting time between planning and managing the software development of products used worldwide. Nejra is currently heading a Big Data project with a leading, global financial company. When she isn't working, Nejra loves discovering a good movie, documentary or book and traveling.
Emina Huskic

Emina Huskic

Software Engineer

Emina joined Atlantbh after graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with honors. She started her career as a Software Engineer, and although she maintained other positions in her team, she never gave up on programming. Emina is very outgoing, which is why she loves to spend her free time with family and friends, hiking, skiing or traveling.

Adnan Behram

Product Owner

Adnan is with us since 2009, and he started his journey as QA Engineer, continued as Scrum Master, and today he is our Product Owner. He likes challenges of his daily tasks that require quick thinking and resourcefulness. For over a decade at Atlantbh, he learned a lot and enjoys transferring that knowledge to others. When not in the office, you can find him reading a book in park with his sons.

Nejra Husak

Lead Software Engineer

Nejra has been part of the Atlantbh team for over a decade, currently working as a Lead Engineer. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous technologies and programming languages, both in the capacity of full-stack web developer and mobile (iOS) developer. Nejra has contributed to multiple projects from mobile development to Big Data. She loves sports, nature, art, photography, socialising and traveling to places she’s never been before.

Vedad Zornić

Lead Software Engineer

Vedad is a Lead Engineer at Atlantbh today. He was the first-ever generation at BitCamp, an intensive IT education camp, and that is how his IT journey started. Upon completing the BitCamp, he joined Atlantbh as a junior engineer but moved up the ranks thanks to his hard work and education. Two things are his main motivation: mentoring other young programmers and working on top-class challenging projects. Aside from his work at Atlantbh, he likes to say how he played and won in all games including PUBG, table tennis and office mini-golf, so nowadays he enjoys playing with his little son the most.

Zerina Memić

Data Analyst Manager

Zerina joined Atlantbh in 2017, after successfully completing an ABH internship. Today, she is a Lead Data Analyst and she manages one of the teams within the Data Analytics department. Working at Atlantbh provided Zerina with opportunities to apply her knowledge in solving real problems, which in turn served as a reinforcement for gaining new knowledge, both technical and non-technical. Her main motivation rests on two things - people, both those in her private life and her work team, as well as learning something new each day, no matter how small it may seem. Zerina’s advice to future engineers is to put action over motivation and to start working even if the moment doesn’t feel right.

Esena Gušić

Product Owner

Esena is the Product Owner on a large enterprise Big Data project. She first joined Atlantbh as a Data Analyst but quickly showed her management skills. Esena is most proud of the success of the project she leads because in the ever-changing environment of the IT industry, Esena and her team deliver a quality software increment to the client every two weeks, without delays.
Dino Prašo

Dino Prašo

Lead Software Engineer

Dino started his ABH journey as a student with not one, but two internships way back in 2015. Since he was an extraordinary intern, he officially became an Atlanter in 2017. Starting off as a Junior, he was quickly promoted to a Senior Software Engineer and five years later, he is working as a Lead Software Engineer in Atlantbh. Having experienced people around him, who are happy to help with any challenge, helped him grow and learn more. Besides coding, he is also in love with physics, math, chemistry, astronomy and Formula 1.

Adna Karkelja

Lead Software Engineer

In a short period of time, Adna managed to achieve so much. She started her journey with us as an ABH web development intern and went on to become the ABH Internship Coordinator a few, short years later. Adna says that becoming a good Software Engineer was easy because of the fantastic mentors and team she had the opportunity to work with. Of all the benefits offered by Atlantbh, flexible working hours is her favorite because she can dedicate time to her master studies and spending time in Sarajevo’s antique shops looking for vinyl records.

Vanja Hadžibegović

Data Analyst

Vanja is driven by a passion for problem-solving. When you add commitment to detail and thoroughness, you get one magnificent Data Analyst! He says that working at Atlantbh improved his teamwork, planning skills and most importantly – his ability to solve unexpected problems ad hoc. If he is not analyzing some big data set, then he is busy with some of his many hobbies: Brazilian jujutsu, snowboarding, aviation or movies.

Adnan Talić

Data Analyst Manager

Adnan is our Lead Data Analyst, but he started his ABH journey as an intern back in 2017. He considers himself very lucky because he found a job that he likes doing, and having a great team around makes it only better. Besides working on challenging projects, he loves the opportunity of knowledge transfer through mentoring of his younger colleagues. When not surrounded by datasets, you can find him watching NBA, football, reading encyclopedias, or doing some pub quiz.

Berina Avdić

Data Analyst

Berina joined Atlantbh as an intern back in 2018, and today she is our Data Analyst. Through challenging projects and comprehensive knowledge transfer, she learned a lot and managed to connect the dots with her prior education. The successful work-life balance is something she is very proud of, and she says that anything can be achieved with proper time management. When not inspecting big datasets, she enjoys spending a lot of time with her loved ones over a movie.

Dženana Mešić

Delivery Manager and Scrum Master

After completing her Master's in Management and IT, Dženana began her career in IT at Atlantbh. As her role is very specific, she always has to look at things from various points of view. Not only does she have to make sure our software is top-notch, Dženana has to find balance between the clients' and her teams' needs and expectations. If you are young and eager to work in the IT industry, Dženana's advice is to never give up on your goals and to never stop learning, because hard work always pays off.

Faruk Ljuca

Senior Software Engineer

Faruk came to Atlantbh straight out of university in 2016 and began his career as an Android Developer. Today, he is a Senior Software Engineer but, working on a dynamic project that requires DevOps knowledge has made him an all-around engineer. The most important thing for Faruk is constant learning. He views the latest technologies and challenging projects as tools, and he is excited to see what software he will develop in the next 10 years. Faruk likes keeping his adrenaline level high by bike riding through distant villages and climbing steep mountain tops.
Armin Begovic

Armin Begović

Senior UI/UX Designer

Armin joined us in 2018 as a UX/UI Designer and was the youngest Atlanter - being only 19 years old at the time. He first joined our marketing team helping establish the company’s branding and developing both our internal and external marketing. Today, Armin works on multiple projects, while mostly spending his time working in Figma design systems, helping the clients create the best user experience solutions for their business needs. Additionally, he is involved with product and development teams, defining and creating user requirements, prototyping, and testing solutions. Armin dedicates his free time to developing his fashion brand, cooking, or doing CrossFit at the local box.
Nađa Hota

Nađa Hota

Senior Data Analyst

During her last three years in Atlantbh, Nađa was promoted from Junior Data Analyst to her current role - Senior Data Analyst and Pipeline Coordinator in our Data Analytics team. Besides her everyday challenging work tasks, Nađa had the role of Atlantbh Internship coordinator and mentor to new Atlanters. Together with Data Analytics, her everyday workload includes communication with clients and partners, as well as team organization - which she enjoys very much. Nađa is very organised and detail-oriented, so her biggest motivation are clean data sets and completed tasks on her To Do list. When she is not working, you can find her in the gym or in nature. Or you won’t find her at all, because she is off to a new adventure, as she likes to travel at least a few times a year.

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