Brown Bag meetings are a way for co-workers, in our case Atlanters, to gather around, chat, share experiences and knowledge, all the while munching on free pastries provided in – you’ve guessed it – Brown Bags! Today our colleagues spoke about their trip to the Audi Smart Factory Hackathon, and shared their wisdom and adventure with the rest of us, Atlanters.

So, what is Audi Smart Factory Hackathon all about?

From October 4th through October 6th, the Audi Forum Ingolstadt played host for the second time to all things big data, machine learning, algorithms, and data visualization. Around 80 talented data scientists from around the world developed software solutions for the factory of the future, on the basis of real data sets from Audi Production. From October 4 to 6, 2017, students and young professionals worked out solutions for the production processes of the future in the Audi Smart Factory Hackathon.

With the use of real but anonymized data sets, they generated real application cases. The tasks focussed on the issues of big data, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Young data scientists had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The first day of the event started with an introduction to the Hackathon tasks and an individual tour of the plant that is adapted accordingly. In the factory, Audi experts from Production and IT presented and explained the current and expected, future challenges. They also subsequently mentored participants, helping them elaborate on competition entries.

Two Atlanters (Belma & Davor) and one Atlantbh former intern (Edin) were part of the team that was chosen among 170 received applications. True to the motto “Data drives our production – You innovate from our data” the programming geniuses in groups of 3 to 5 participants with expertise in IT, math or communications, designed fine‑tuned digital solutions for the production processes of the future. They had 25 hours, based on Audi’s 25th hour – the “extra hour”. This extra hour stands symbolically for the time gained with autonomous driving.

Chief Information Officer Mattias Ulbrich from Audi said: “It was very inspiring for me to see the kind of passion and dedication shown by these young, creative minds as they set about creating new software solutions for Production and Logistics – and to do so in just 25 hours.”

“It was very inspiring for us to see an Audi factory and the real problems they are trying to solve. Atlantbh has been aboard the Data Science train for over a year now, so we understand the benefits of using Data Science to solve everyday problems. Meeting other people, from all over the world, who are working on similar problems and coming together to share their knowledge was a great experience.“, said Belma and Davor.

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