If you think our view is one of the best perks of working at Atlantbh, you should see other benefits Atlanters enjoy! Our perks are carefully created to better both the professional and personal life of Atlanters. If you want to become an Atlanter and make these perks your reality, check out our job openings.

Career Benefits

Atlanters get to work on some seriously cool projects for some of the world’s biggest companies. Thanks to this, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and expertise, which benefits your long-term career growth.

Sharing knowledge and lifelong learning is important to us and we do it through in-house education, internal knowledge-sharing sessions, joint external education that helps us develop strategic skills and a personal education budget.

Personal Benefits

We don’t have to tell you how vital a healthy work-life balance is. That is why we have many perks that support it. For starters, we all get unlimited vacation days (yes, you heard that right!), so you can relax and recharge whenever needed. Every Friday we leave work early – we take weekends as seriously as we do our work!

There are perks when working in our office too (we don’t have to mention the view again, right?). All Atlanters working remotely have access to our remote perk – and it is easier than ever to travel to Sarajevo and work together with their team members.

Career Benefits

We take care of the professional growth of every Atlanter through quality and continuous training, mentoring and coaching. Our internal frameworks offer guidelines and opportunities for career development and our individual approach ensures regular feedback for all Atlanters.

Plus, when you first join the team, you’ll get your very own mentor who’ll work with you one-on-one to understand your goals and help you improve. This support continues throughout your career as you will always have the chance to learn from our senior engineers, but also have many opportunities to mentor and support others.

Personal Benefits

Health is another major thing we care about, Atlanters use their Fitpass membership to take care of both their mind and body. You will have additional health insurance, and will be supported with bonuses when hitting major life milestones like getting married or having a baby.

Our teambuildings and afterworks, they are perks too. Turns out, having fun together and going on adventures helps us get to know each other, and work better together too. Have you heard about our Pirate Tales adventure in Turkey yet?

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