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QA/Test Automation
June 22, 2016

Challenges of testing and working on Teamer – 2.5 million daily users live application

Software testing is not, nor it was ever expected to be, a strict discipline in…
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Ruby on Rails
January 7, 2016

STOMP / ActiveMQ communication for Ruby / Rails applications

Using messaging protocol to facilitate communication between different applications is nothing new, in fact it…
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Big Data
December 1, 2013

Amazon Elastic MapReduce web service – Part 1

Amazon Elastic MapReduce service gives us an opportunity to easily and cost-effectively provision as much…
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QA/Test Automation
January 13, 2013

Five Important Aspects of Successful Test Automation Approach in Agile

Engineers in charge of Test Automation face different challenges in the projects. In this white paper, we…
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QA/Test Automation
January 12, 2013

Software Issue Diagnosis – Using Automated Checks with Jmeter

This paper discusses how automated software checks provide valuable insight into the state of a…
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