From the Atlantbh Job Fair to a Job at Atlantbh

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Meet our new Data Analytics team member, Džana Drino. Džana attended our first ever ABH Job Fair where she had the chance to meet and greet with our Atlanters, ask questions about job opportunities and even try to complete technical tasks based on different IT technologies. In the end, her visit paid off because Džana got to join the Atlantbh team. How did she go from the Atlantbh Job Fair to to a job at Atlantbh? We sat down with Džana to get all the details of her experience.

You attended the first ever ABH Job Fair, what were your expectations?

Since I was at the end of my studies, I began to think about getting a job. That’s when I found out about the Atlantbh JobFair. I heard about Atlantbh before, specifically about the internship (#ABHInternship) and how satisfied interns were with the experience. I wanted to get more information about internship, employment opportunities and Data Analytics.

What did you think about the ABH job Fair?

It was the first Job Fair I had ever been to. I enjoyed the atmosphere which was really relaxed. So many people had come out to inform themselves about different opportunities, just like me. You had the chance to try and do a task based on a different technology and test your knowledge of the field. If you did a good job, you could get called in for an internship or job interview. While there were different stands, I decided to see what was happening at the Data Analytics stand. I really liked the accessibility of company representatives. I could freely talk to anyone and get detailed information on the spot. That’s why I decided to try the Data Analytics task.

When you decided to try the Data Analytics task, what did you think would happen?

I was really hoping I did a good job with the task, good enough to be called in for an interview. I was happy when I got the call shortly after the ABH Job Fair

So you got called in for an interview based on the task, how did it go?

I was glad that I was invited for an interview because it meant that I did a good job on the task. That was my first job interview, until then I had no experience with interviews, so it was something new for me. I was really happy to see that Atlantbh offered young people like the me the chance to find a job.

What did you think of the ABH Selection process?

The ABH selection process was interesting. First, I had the technical interview, where I got a task to do and I needed to present my solution. Oh and there was a time limit. The task was interesting because I could use knowledge I had previously acquired at college. However, since I had never done a task of that type before, not to mention the time constraint, it was pretty challenging for me. Once I came up with a solution, I was asked to present it. I had never held a presentation like this, a demo of my work, so I was a little nervous, but it was a good kind of nervous. During my presentation, I received feedback, suggestions and ideas so I can say that I also learned something from the entire interview process. After the technical interview, there was psychological testing and then I final interview with the director. Needless to say, I was accepted and successfully completed the process.

It’s been about a week since you began working at Atlantbh, how is it going?

The first week passed by really quickly; from getting used to my new environment, to getting to know the company and my team. For me, this is a new experience and I find it really interesting since every day I learn something new. I have a mentor, so at any time I have someone who can contact if I have questions about tasks or the project I am working on. I also get feedback about the work I do, so I can say it’s very useful.

Overall, what do you think about your journey from ABH Job Fair to an ABH job?

I liked every part of this process – from the Job Fair itself, to the interview process, to the beginning of work. I think this is a very positive process. Atlantbh provides opportunities for young people to grow, use and expand their knowledge. That is why I would recommend the ABH Job Fair to all those who are looking for a job, because it’s really a great opportunity to gain experience. I can say that I’m glad that my first job is in such a prestigious company.