Yesterday we attended a Dublin Chamber’s B2B matchmaking event on Doing Business with the Western Balkans. This cross-regional IT event brought together IT sector SMEs from Irish Republic, Northern Irish, and Western Balkan in order to explore business cooperation.

At the event we presented our successful partnership and experiences with Teamer, an Irish-based company with whom we have worked in the two years.

Teamer is an online sports team management system that eliminates the hassle from managing a sport team.

Our first project with Teamer was related to performance problems in one of their applications which lead to bad user experience. In short period of time, our engineering team managed to identify both frontend and backend performance issues, and managed to reduce the application load time from 3000ms to 250ms – only 8.3% of the initial.

This first project led to a transition into a long-term relationship with Teamer.

What did we do to develop this long-term relationship? We employed a different approach, which we consider crucial to our customer engagement model. Every project we undertake, regardless of size, is delivered by a team that includes at least one software tester from the beginning of the project, as well as a service lead whose primary purpose is to represent the customer’s needs and views to the project team and the company.

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This approach has proven to be successful for us, and our advice to other companies who want to pursue outsourcing successfully is:

  • Provide a quick proof of concept
  • Prepare for a long-term relationship from the start
  • Establish communication channels that really work for both companies
  • Implement a proven team model
  • Constantly manage change.

We’re glad that we were part of the B2B matchmaking event on October 6, and had the opportunity to communicate the specifics of our operation framework to other participants. We hope that this event will provide us and other companies with new contacts and business opportunities in Ireland and other countries.

It was really great networking day today at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce B2B Event.

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