What we offer?

Team Building

Once a year, at a secret location –  guaranteed great time.

Comfort and the bar

Work and chill with coffee and healthy juices.

Lunch together

We have lunch together occasionally.

Fun at work

Take a break and play FIFA or Rocket League with your colleagues.

After-work parties

Halloween, Chocolate Day or Special Friday are our things.

Knowledge sharing

We regularly share knowledge through in-house presentations.

Healthy lifestyle

We cover  50% of the cost for any sports membership.


Every employee gets their own budget to spend on education.

Work from wherever you want

Work from home or wherever you want on a regular basis.

Feedback on your work

Open communication, ongoing feedback and all support that you require.

Unlimited vacation

Take as much vacation as you like as long as your work gets done.

More to come?

Maybe travel to Mars? Or teleportation? Why not?

April 26, 2017

A retrospective look: My first month at Atlantbh

Upon starting a new job, one often has many uncertainties. I can relate to this.…
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