In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, the student association EESTEC and support from BIT Alliance, one of the multiple events was organized as part of the Data Science Days project, recently launched with the aim of spreading awareness, transferring knowledge and raising interest among youth within this field.

Belma Ibrahimović, an assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo and Data Scientist at the Atlantbh, explained what she does: “Data Science is a relatively new, multidisciplinary scientific and technical field that, with the help of data, statistical tools, machine learning, and programming will transform the world we live in. The amount of data available will grow more over the next period than it has before, and with it the need for Data Science and the so-called era of data will reveal the new capabilities offered by the application of Data Science tools.”

Data Science Days attracted a lot of attention

The hundreds of people with a different background that visited this event had the opportunity to share their experiences and find out first-hand about the latest methods, tools, and best practices in the world of Data Science.

“Regardless of the fantastic development of hardware, from the iPhone to the electric Tesla car, the real value lies in the data that these devices collect and how to intelligently transform that data into useful information. We have recognized this trend in time and for years now have been investing our time and people. We are dealing with advanced data analysis and using algorithms of artificial intelligence on projects for the world’s largest companies. By organizing ‘ABH Data Science Days’, we want to unselfishly share our knowledge with everyone interested and to send a public call to the IT world and academic community to join us on this incredible adventure”, said Milad Čerkić, CEO of Atlantbh.

Haris Osmanbegović, a member of EESTEC and second-year student of the Department of Computing and Informatics, believes that events such as this are needed at the faculty: “Events like this are extremely important for students since they complete the knowledge we gained during our studies. The Data Science internship offered by Atlantbh offers students a remarkable chance to practically apply what they learned, and we hope that Data Science Days will increase interest among students in this area of our profession.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Samim Konjicija, always supports events aimed at improving students’ knowledge: “The Data Science Days project is part of the well-established cooperation the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo has with Atlantbh. Our common goal is for our students and other interested parties, through lectures provided by Atlantbh experts focusing on solving problems, can gain insight into the role of current and advanced topics of today’s professional. Data science is currently one of the most relevant disciplines in the field of computing and there is no doubt that this project will be a real success.”

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