Out of a total of 18.490 single votes collected during a three-month public survey of BH citizens, 724 companies were nominated as desirable employers.

For the second year in a row, Atlantbh was voted the most desirable employer in the ICT sector.

When we are asked why we are the best place to work, we don’t reply that the most important things are the benefits our employees are given, such as flexible work hours, permission to work from home, or any of a number of other perks. Instead, when we look back to where we began, we realize that none of our successes would have happened without our people, who are really our greatest asset. We are working with energetic, ambitious, and (most importantly) responsible people, all with different skills, who together create a company culture that is recognized among the public as the most desirable. Our employees made us the sought-out employer.

Often we are asked to name the characteristic that best describes us. We think that each Atlanter is driven and has grit. Challenges are always welcome, and thanks to a lot of hard work by a very talented and dedicated pool of people, we have been successfully overcoming them for the last 17 years.

As a fully Bosnian company which was founded by students at a time when an IT sector didn’t even exist in our country, we are very proud both of the success we have achieved, and of the fact that we are now providing services to the highest-rated companies in the world.

September 29, 2021

Atlantbh Scholarships in their fourth year!

Atlantbh is offering scholarships for the fourth year in a row to students studying in IT-related programs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the last three years, we have offered 40 scholarships in 2 different categories. This year, we will be offering scholarships to 10 lucky students! (more…)
April 1, 2021

21 reasons to dance for 21 years of Atlantbh

Earlier this month we celebrated our 21st Birthday! That’s right baby, Atlantbh is now of legal age in every country. Usually, we celebrate with our Atlanters by having a big party with lots of food, music and dancing. But things have been different lately. 2020 happened. It’s still happening. So,…
January 29, 2021

Participate in Atlantbh’s Virtual DevDay 2021

What is Atlantbh's Virtual DevDay? The DevDays workshop is a web app development workshop that gives participants the chance to see what it is like to work in a real project team on an actual project with client needs and inputs. Project teams will consist of four positions: Software Engineer, Test…

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