Make the First Day Perfect for New Hires

Imagine that you show up for your first day at a new job and no one is expecting you. Your boss is too busy to talk, so you just sit and wait and then go to lunch alone. You don’t have computer access or email, and you don’t know who you’ll work with or what you’ll do. You feel like it is the worst day ever.

Starting a new job is never easy. Our employees at Atlantbh are our biggest value, so we want to ensure that our new employees’ first days are memorable. We want to make them feel comfortable, and we want them to go home motivated to be a member of the ABH team.

Our newest employee is Dino Prašo. This is what his first day at Atlantbh looked like.

Our Talent manager met Dino at the door and then chatted with him over coffee. She told him about the company’s history, culture, benefits, and procedures, described his position in the company, and then showed him the facilities and introduced him to his new coworkers.

After these introductions, the Talent manager took Dino to his new desk, which was fully set up with all the supplies he needed. We wished him a happy first day and left him at the table a chocolate bar to lift his mood and energy.

People from his team and his mentor took Dino to lunch. They introduced themselves and described their roles in the company, gave him their personal contact info, and answered his questions.

We want our new hires to go home happy and to improve our processes wherever we can, so at the end of Dino’s first work day, we talked to him and asked for his feedback.

Dino says, “My first work day at Atlantbh was fantastic. At the entrance, Mirna, our Talent manager, warmly welcomed me. She told me about the procedures, protocols, and all the projects the company is working on. After that, I met my future team and my mentor, who gave me detailed information on our current project. I got my desk, which was ready with all the equipment I needed to work, as well as ticket welcomed. I could hardly wait to start working on these projects with my new colleagues. I am very grateful to the team and the company for their confidence in me and for giving me the opportunity to be part of an extraordinarily rich working environment.”

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