2021 has been interesting. The world is still adjusting to the changes 2020 brought, we’re still learning and adapting. We are trying to make the best of it all and for the most part, we continue to make things look easy.

Last year we learned some very important lessons and ended the year off looking back at what we were thankful for. This year, we want to end the year by giving back. Giving back to our Atlanters and our community. Here are 5 ways we embraced giving.

Giving professional opportunities

No matter what, we will always be committed to providing young talents with opportunities to achieve their professional goals. This year, more than ever, we not only welcomed a record-high number of interns, but we also hired many new Atlanters.

Our ABH Internship, which is now offered in a hybrid model meaning interns can participate virtually, in the office, or both, welcomed 38 interns this year. Of those, 14 have been hired as Atlanters – they went from building their profiles to building their careers.

Overall, we welcomed 45 new Atlanters from all over the country and are even looking to start hiring beyond our borders. We encourage engineers from anywhere to apply to keep an eye out for job vacancies and the opportunity to join our team.

Giving support to education and students

We believe that everyone deserves access to education and recognize that it doesn’t always have to be formal. That is why we continued to provide educational programs, workshops and meetups to spread the knowledge.

We managed to host a live meetup, outdoors of course. Our meetup was on Figma vs. Sketch and we had dozens of designers flock to our event to discuss this controversial topic. The debate was heated but oh so enlightening.

We also organized an online meet and learn with our data analyst who presented on the topic “ML Applications in Cochlear Biophysics”. Basically, he provided a brief overview of research in cochlear biophysics and hearing, discussing how machine learning can help streamline current research and make way for novel research methods

As always, we also continued to support student organizations and their events throughout the year. We were back at the EESTEC JobFair which has been online for the past few years. It was great talking to all those eager students who are ready to take the IT world by storm. We can’t wait to welcome them to Atlantbh. 

Giving better access to health and care

With so much testing our patience and nerves these past few years, we recognized the need to invest more in health and care. That is why this year we offered additional health packages for our Atlanters, ensuring they and their immediate families got additional coverage in these unprecedented times. We also provided additional benefits and care packages to encourage well-being. 

Giving time for team building

No big team buildings on a company level this year. We still don’t feel comfortable enough to take the risk with such a large collective. However, we still believe in giving our Atlanters the time to relax and bond. We know how important team building is, so we decided to do it on a team level this year. Every team had the opportunity to organize the team building of their choice. Our teams opted for rustic adventures with horseback riding and archery lessons, paintball competitions and weekend getaways to villas in Herzegovina. Good vibes all around.

We also had mini hangouts throughout the year and they usually involved food. We had coffee and ice cream hangouts to team BBQs on our terrace. Any opportunity to spend time with our colleagues off zoom was welcome.

Giving scholarships

This year marks 4 years of ABH Scholarships and we couldn’t be prouder. This year’s group of 10 first and second-year students studying in an IT-related field at a B&H university were awarded scholarships to help offset the cost of education. As they join our scholar alumni, we asked them what the ABH Scholarship means to them, and their answers were priceless. You can watch the scholarship awards event here.

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