When you got it, you got it.

Large enterprise and microservice-based systems. Got it. Complex number-crunching (batch processing). Got it.
Backend systems. Got it. Sophisticated front-end. Got it. Data Science. Got it.
We got it. We got you.


Our flexible delivery model allows us to match the unique requirements of each customer; be it to supplement their in-house resources or to provide a total service, from product concept and design services, to a complete solution. This is particularly attractive for start-ups who may have significant application domain knowledge but limited IT expertise or resources.

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For larger enterprises that have an existing IT infrastructure and resources, we develop point solutions that fully integrate into the overall enterprise IT ecosystem. As such, we help enterprises make the best use of new technologies and innovative software designs, while ensuring integration with already deployed systems.

#Big Data Java Play Ember.js Jenkins Docker

Geospatial Location-based systems

We have an in-depth understanding of geospatial/location-based systems and related data analytics environments, with an impressive track record in the development and
implementation of such systems.


Data Science

We provide full-service Artificial Intelligence, conventional Machine Learning & Deep Learning development, as well as expertise in all the latest Data Science trends. With so many big, fancy words, you know we have to be good.

Providing a full range of NLP (natural language processing) tools and techniques to help your business understand unstructured data and give you insights into what your data is trying to tell you. Our team will produce full business analyses, prepare your data for you, or provide a full range of data services from data acquisition to processing data for analytics … essentially, we will create a custom-made Machine Learning system for your business needs.

#MachineLearning #NLP #PlaceLab

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