Adis Halilović is a DevOps engineer at Atlantbh, but behind the kickstarting of his career lies an exciting story. When he applied for the Atlantbh Internship, he didn’t know what the DevOps position entailed. Lejla from our Talent team says that it is often the case that young people who apply for an internship are not sure what exactly they want to do. This is why the Talent team, as well as the engineers involved in the selection process, try to recognize each individual’s potential and affinities and help them in that decision.

Adis described the DevOps position as a way of life. He says that it is the culture and way of developing the application so that all the steps of developing the application go smoothly. The goal of DevOps culture is the unification of all those participating in that development cycle, so that the final product is as efficient as possible. All these processes are a part of the development cycle, for which the DevOps engineer is directly responsible.

His DevOps story came spontaneously. He started using Linux in high school and started learning various programming languages. Adis tried his hand at other IT positions, but he didn’t quite find himself in any of them. After that, he devoted himself to Linux, especially its configuration. He says he used to waste a lot of time writing automation scripts, which paid off in the long run.

Adis decided to apply for the Atlantbh internship, and what is very interesting is that DevOps was his second choice. At that moment, Adis did not know what a DevOps position was, but the word Linux caught his attention. Although it was not his first choice, the Atlantbh team recognized that his skills and tendencies fit the role.

“When I got to the technical interview, I talked about Linux for over an hour with Atlantbh Lead DevOps. It was a great feeling because even though there were questions I didn’t know the answer to, I got the chance to talk to someone about Linux on a higher level,” says Adis.

After he got accepted to the Atlantbh internship, Adis learned a lot of skills needed for this job, which helped him get a job as a DevOps engineer at Atlantbh.

“I must also mention that recently my internship mentor told me that as soon as he saw my CV and GitHub, he immediately knew what I wanted to do, only I didn’t know it existed.

I want my story to motivate future Atlantbh Interns to sign up for a new cycle of practice and try this. With the help of our Talent team and tech experts, you will know if this position is for you or see what skills you need to improve. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself, and you’re already ready to enter the DevOps career,” says Adis

Applications for the new Internship cycle are open from January 27 to February 5. Sign up here and become an Atlantbh Intern!

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