What is the DevOps? (Theory part)

  • Creating the software
  • Implementing an automated pipeline for software delivery a.k.a CI/CD
  • Operating the software in the production and other environments
  • Measurements of the key indicators for the software
  • Interpreting measurements and acting on them to improve

What was there before DevOps?

A new way of doing things

What is a DevOps engineer then, eh?

  • Managing infrastructure and cloud technologies
  • Automation
  • Operations
  • Understand the software product
  • Know the architecture of the software product
  • Know how to configure the software product
  • Know how to build a software product
  • Implementing Observability (Monitoring, Logging, and Tracing)
  • Configuration management
  • Build and release management
  • Containerization
  • Selecting the right tools for the job and binding them to software product
  • Building internal tools
  • Architecting software

Another categorization

  • Platform Engineer
  • SRE
  • Cloud Engineer


Cloud engineer

Platform Engineer

Beware more unknown terms ahead (GitOps, FinOps…)

  • Infrastructure
  • Application


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February 23, 2024

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