This year, we finally got a glimpse of the “old normal”. So, we fully embraced it and rolled up our sleeves – and here is what we were up to. 

New opportunities

Throughout 2022 our engineers got significant new opportunities to grow their careers, use new technologies and further develop their tech skills.

Setting standards in QA education

We had a vision to make an education programme that would transform people from various careers into QA engineers. It is not an easy task, but QAmp instructors put their (cumulative) 50 years of experience in this career into great use – and created the curriculum. After 400 applications, eleven QAmpers started their journey into, at least for them, a whole new world.

There is no need to write long stories about the results – QAmp stories speak for themselves. Seven people started this year as QAmpers, and they are ending it as Atlanters. Great news is, we are doing it again! Our talent team and QAmp instructors are currently going through over 900 applications for the new cycle – and we are looking forward to witnessing the success of the new QAmpers in 2023! 

Taking our office for a tour

This year was a year of travel, so we joined in! We wanted to show Atlantbh office to our friends around Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we packed it up and put it on wheels! 

In this year, Atlantbh Traveling Office visited East Sarajevo, Mostar and Kakanj. Thank you for spending time with us, and exchanging experiences. Follow us to see what is the next town we will visit!

Giving back

Giving back to the community is one of our core values. Usually, you get presents for your birthday. But for this year’s Atlantbh birthday, we wanted to gift a playground to the children of Vareš. Together with, we completely renovated an old and run down playground. On opening day, Atlanters spent the day with children, painting a mural and planting flowers. 

This year, Atlanters also donated blood, collected books for a public library, gifted toys to children, cleaned the city and its surroundings. Also, Atlantbh has supported university students through Atlantbh Scholarships for the fifth year in a row, and high school students with rewards. Many of these are already our tradition, but we want to do more every year!

Building a strong team

After two years of smaller team-buildings, we wanted to make a bang this year. And if you ask us – we did it. First, we had a Winter team building at Jahorina. What was supposed to be a relaxed, sunny, winter day turned into a blizzard. However, strong team spirit shows the best in challenging situations. We turned it into our advantage – Atlanters had the slopes for themselves, we rode snow groomers instead of gondolas and we had the best time! When life gives you blizzard, turn it into a great team building! After all, no strong teams were built by smooth sailing. 

In September, Atlanters packed their suitcases and flew somewhere warmer – to Turkey! 

Atlanters spent a long weekend together, creating memories and building on our already strong culture. Speaking of culture – when all of us get together, you can clearly see all we have in common: we are responsible, work well together and we love to have great fun. We always knew our culture is strong and Atlanters are awesome, but it is great to see we share these values even outside of work.

Perk it up

Atlanters enjoy various perks and benefits, and this year – we had some new ones. Although we have Private health insurance, it is important to look after your health in other ways, such as sport. In 2022, all Atlanters got complimentary Fitpass to use in any sports activity they prefer. 

Another significant ABH perk was “remote benefit”. Now, it is much easier for Atlanters who live in other cities to travel to Sarajevo and spend more in person time with their team. This resulted in a lot of time spent working together in the office.

Apart from our regular, individual education budget, we invested in various team educations. 

We make 2022 look easy, and can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring. 

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