Fortunately, the pandemic is behind us, and there is a “new normal” for everything and everyone. Working from home will never be an exception but, to some extent, an equivalent to working from the office. So, this is how we do our new normal…

Defining Hybrid Work

Our “new normal” is exactly that – a hybrid work model. And what does that mean? A hybrid work model is a flexible approach that allows our Atlanters to divide their time between working in the office and working from home. The type of hybrid work policy we use is hybrid at will – Atlanters can choose which day(s) to come to the office.


The most significant advantage of this way of working is primarily the freedom of everyone to choose the model that suits them best – and every Atlanter has that free choice every day!
Employees have more flexibility to get work done when and where they are most productive. By this, we mean flexible schedules and locations. We fully trust our people to manage their time while delivering on time and on value.
Everyone is welcome to work from a remote location (somewhere other than in the office or at home). Finding personal balance is much easier in a flexible work environment. When employees have more control over their own schedules, they can arrange their personal lives. Indeed, this is something we aim for because it’s proven to help improve the quality of life of every Atlanter.


For those who prefer working from home, maintaining regular hours is very important. Having clear guidelines for when to work and when to finish can help maintain a work-life balance. Also, it is essential to adapt your work environment, dedicate a desk or table space, and some devices that will be used only for work. Making even small changes to differentiate between work time and personal time helps the brain know when work is done and helps us achieve the balance we are looking for.

Staying Connected

However, the core of our culture is the quality of interpersonal relationships of our Atlanters. We nurture our culture and stay connected through regular office events, Meet & Learn sessions, entertaining lectures by our guests, barbecues, etc..
To help Atlanters who live outside of Sarajevo and work remotely experience our office life, we now have a new benefit that supports their trip and stays in Sarajevo. We want to make it easy to stay connected, and our remote team members were thrilled to see this new benefit!

Although working from home is not less productive than working from the office, and our teams communicate through regular daily Zoom meetings, face-to-face communication is still irreplaceable. It helps us hang out, connect, and solve challenges more efficiently. And that is most important to us – connected, satisfied and happy Atlanters. 😊

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