As always, this year’s ABH internship vacancy has attracted many students who have some theoretical knowledge and want to gain practical experience.

Yesterday we organized the internship intro lecture for students interested in our internship opportunities. The internship program that we have organized has a very good reputation among students. It is considered one of the best because students learn many things they need to know for the labor market and because a large number of them easily find their first employment right after finishing our internship program.

Since we started the internship program, more than 40 students have finished it. Twelve of these are employed in our company.

So, during the lecture, we talked about all seven projects we have (Java and Ember.JS, Ruby on Rails, Test Automation, Data Analytics, Data Science, Android, and iOS) from every angle. As presenters, we had coordinators, mentors, and employees who have finished our internship program. We also had current interns, who talked about their projects and gave advice.

Many students were interested in the field of Data Science because we are the only company that offers that internship program.

The key benefits that all students valued and that are different from any other internship program are as follows:


Each intern is paired with a mentor who provides guidance to ensure the successful completion of the allocated project.


The interns can present their work each month and receive feedback on various aspects of it.


Our employees make presentations each week to introduce interns to different technologies and aspects of their work.

In the end, we hope that students understand that our internship program requires substantial effort, but this effort is worthwhile and will distinguish them in the labor market.

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