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Do you stand out from the crowd because you always want to know more? Do you have a thirst for knowledge and learning? Are you curious? And do you like to keep up to date with new technologies and emerging trends around the world? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are the ideal candidate for the ABH Internship!

Test automation for web and
mobile applications

The intern will work on the validation of a web or mobile application, which involves designing and creating test cases, as well as their subsequent implementation.

The intern will have the opportunity to work using an agile methodology and use popular technologies and programming/scripting languages such as Ruby, RSpec, Watir, Git, Jenkins and Apium.

Full-stack Web development

The intern will develop a full-stack application using cutting-edge technologies and best coding practices. RESTful web services are developed using back-end technologies, based on Java programming language and frameworks such as Play or Spring (Boot).

The application’s front-end will be developed using a JavaScript based framework. The intern has the opportunity to familiarise themselves with other interesting concepts during the different stages of software development including GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, AWS, Junit, Design patters, MVC and CI. The project will cover work with relational databases, such as PostgreSQL.

IOT project

IoT Project

The intern will work on various tasks to enable different functionalities on a custom IoT platform, which aim to provide gathering and presenting of telemetry data, for a room. The primary focus will be a firmware development, which should enable devices to communicate with the rest of the platform using MQTT protocol. Depending on the intern’s interests and preferences, the internship will extend it’s focus to other components of the platform.

Data Science

This program will be focusing on state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, applying data mining and building prediction systems. By using a combination of scientific and software engineering knowledge, the intern will have a chance to manage and deep dive into large volumes of data. In the last phase of the Internship, we will focus on turning tasks that the intern worked on, into a product that can be used by the end-user.

Data Science
Data analytics

Data Analytics

The intern will work on interpretation, analysis, modelling and visualisation of data and finally highlighting useful information in form of report and presentation. During this process, intern will have the opportunity to learn different statistical technologies and improve programming skills.


The intern will work on raising the application quality as well as the development of tools and practices needed for the successful release of your application to production.

By the end of the internship, the intern will be acquainted with QA automation tools (RSpec/Capybara/Watir), tools necessary for setting up and managing Continuous Integration and automated deployment processes (bash scripting/Docker/Kubernetes/Jenkins), as well as cloud computing infrastructure management (Amazon Web Services).

DevOps Testing

Big Data

The intern will work on a web Application (using Spring and Ember) for uploading large text files. They will also work on the UI to display the results of the analysis conducted using Apache Spark. The interns will have the opportunity to conduct analyses using Spark. Analyses of Text files include comparing two txt files for similarity, as well as some other statistics per file, like word frequency.

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