We’ve just opened the call for the eleventh generation of our ABH internship! While we’re waiting for your application, we’re working to prepare everything you’ll need for a successful internship. To help you learn more about our internship, we’re bringing you more details about our projects and what we value the most.

  • Projects done with the guidance of a mentor

Sharing knowledge is very important to all Atlanters and when a mentor sees that an intern’s motivation is high, this motivates the mentor as well. At Atlantbh, every intern has a chance to not only ask his/her mentor questions, but to discuss problems, solutions and practices.

  • It works … is not enough

We often say that our internship is not only about “It works”. Everything done needs to meet very high-quality standards and our mentors are here to help interns achieve just that. Code review, advice about the best practices and tips & tricks – our mentors do their best to help you really grow throughout the internship.

  • The project you work on is yours and only yours

All our projects are fictive and once completed, the project belongs to the intern, to use for future references. From day one, we try to help interns understand requirements for each month of the internship, so they can properly manage their time. Each project is very well documented. Also, our designers provide a detailed design, as we do for our real projects.

During the internship, it’s common that interns collaborate, but we insist that one project is not for more than one intern. This way, each intern has a unique opportunity to work on all parts of the project – some parts the intern may enjoy more than others, but this only means that the knowledge gained will be more diverse.

  • Real-world problems

When we make a concept for the internship project, we’re trying to ensure that each intern solves problems that could be placed in the real-world. Also, we try to incorporate commonly used features into each project. For example, the chances are high that you will implement the offline mode in a mobile application – no matter what the domain is. From cycle to cycle, we update our projects to include the latest technologies and practices related to daily tasks.

  • We listen to your ideas

For our internship, we use adjusted versions of Scrum. The goal is that the intern, mentor and coordinator are on the same page throughout the internship. Among other advantages, it helps us keep track of the intern’s preferences and wishes. Each intern has a different level of knowledge and different affinities. Our internship aims to recognize that and incorporate it within projects.

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