Many of us are reading news about data science and machine learning but don’t know where to start or what problems it can actually solve. Can we do something that was impossible before?Part of our team is actively working in the field of machine learning, building systems that can acquire knowledge and automatically solve problems. So we decided to share our knowledge with other team members who are not so involved in these processes but are always interested in learning new things and technologies. And the intro to machine learning has drawn great interest in our company.

At the presentation, Belma and Faruk talked about the most important concepts in machine learning, the methodologies and the latest news in the field. The most interesting part was revealing the things machine learning systems allow us to experience in our daily lives, when searching the internet, uploading photos on a social network or getting a recommendation for a movie. Further discussion led to more detailed analysis of the current ABH projects, challenges during the construction and evaluation of one supervised or unsupervised machine learning model and issues related to the infrastructure and technologies used for projects of this type.

Random String Detection
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May 15, 2023

Random String Detection

What are Random Strings? Data analysis often presents us with the challenge of dealing with noisy inputs. This is particularly evident when working with large datasets of user inputs. Detecting and filtering out random string inputs can prove invaluable in various scenarios, such as data validation, quality control or the…

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