Challenging yourself beyond the workplace

Atlanters are always looking for opportunities to learn something new, gain additional experience and push their limits. Nedim, our resident UI/UX designer, has recently been challenging himself by taking on the Daily UI Challenge. Like a true Atlanter, his grit and drive are showing. We sat down with Nedim to see what this is all about, what motivated him to take on the Challenge and what he plans moving forward.

What is the Daily UI Challenge?

The Daily UI Challenge is a tool used by designers, and those who want to become designers, to help them start or improve their work. It also helps to create good working habits. The Challenge lasts 100 days, where every day you receive an email with a new task. Except for weekends, weekends are for free time.

Why did you decide to take part in this?

My colleague Amra actually told me about this type of exercise and, after conducting a little bit of research, I saw what all the hype was about and decided to give it a go. There are several reasons for taking on the Challenge: you improve the quality of your work, it’s a challenge to take on something new every day so you really push yourself, you create really good working habits, you are inspired and stimulated to develop new content and so on…

Where did all this motivation come from?

Motivation is closely related to why I decided to take on this Challenge in the first place. Creation, challenging, new experience, learning opportunity … you get a lot of benefits from this experience. This goes for both experienced designers and beginners – everyone benefits. In the IT industry, you need to be continuously growing, in this or that way, and I think this is a great example of how you can keep on learning.

Do you think you will complete the Challenge?

Oh yeah, definitely. I think I won’t have any problems finishing everything they throw at me. After this, I plan to take on more intense challenges which will last more than a day, but the results will also be better and longer lasting of course. 🙂

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