Conquering the Data Analytics Internship

By April 9, 2018 December 10th, 2019 No Comments

We sat down with Haris, our data analytics intern to see how he was getting along with the internship.

Which task troubled you the most?

The most challenging task so far has been categorising data based on quality. I had to draw a line between what I wanted, and what would actually be useful in a business setting and come up with a valid set of criteria, which would represent the data set as accurately as possible.

Where do you feel you have progressed/advanced the most?

I had the opportunity to explore advanced concepts of data analysis using R language and work with a real data set, larger than anything I have worked on before. My technical and analytical skills have both improved greatly.

What would you like to learn within the next month?

I want to learn the unique approach of spatial analysis of data. This endeavour will be drastically different from what I've done during the first month, but it will allow me to gather more useful information, but this time, having the geographical aspect of the data set, in mind.