The First DevOps and Testing Internship

By April 5, 2018 December 10th, 2019 No Comments

Berina is the first intern to take on the new DevOps and testing internship at Atlantbh so we wanted to share her experiences.

Which task troubled you the most?

I am part of the DevOps/Testing project (which on its own is a combination of two projects) and my biggest obstacle was writing bash scripts to automate the deployment of the application and environment on the Vagrant Box. Mainly because I didn't have any prior knowledge of bash scripts or an advanced understanding of the Linux system.

Which part of the project was, for you, the most interesting to do?

Test automation was definitely the most interesting part of the project for me. Before I started writing the code for test automation, I lacked previous knowledge. Keeping up with the tasks, step by step, motivated me and evoked my wish to complete each of the tests.

Where do you feel you have progressed/advanced the most?

If I was to compare my knowledge before the start of the internship with my current knowledge, I think I have learned a lot and hopefully mastered a lot. Having said that, I believe that I have progressed the most where test automation is concerned which is also what interested me the most - perhaps there is a correlation.