So, you want to be a QAmper?

QAmp is a training program for future Quality Assurance engineers. Here, you will strengthen your skills and gain knowledge and experience about QA processes and tools.

After three months of training, QAmpers who successfully complete the program will be ready for the job market. The best among them will get the opportunity to interview for a job at Atlantbh.

Our instructors are experts in their field with years of experience working on complex projects for international clients.



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What was QAmp like?

We re looking for individuals who don't have any or have a basic understanding of QA tools and processes, who want to develop their skills in software testing, who want to explore, improve or change their career.

Read what former QAmpers who now work at Atlantbh have to say about their experience.

Senita Isović

I found my career path thanks to  QAmp. What helped me decide?

QAmp instructors. It’s incredible how much knowledge they shared with us in a short period of three months. After completing QAmp, I gained the skills and experience to pass the interview successfully and got a job at Atlantbh. I can tell you that this path won’t be easy, but it’s important not to give up and work hard.

Maja Mujanović

I come from a completely different industry – I studied English and have worked as a freelance translator for the past 15 years. Had someone told me a year ago that I would be working in the IT sector and writing code for test automation, I would not have believed them. With my literary background, I never would have thought that I would be able to master these skills. QAmp showed me that I could do anything, even if it sometimes took me a little while longer. 

When you put in a lot of effort, results happen. Now I work at Atlantbh as a Junior QA Engineer.

Damir Čović

Before QAmp, I worked in real estate for many years. I knew little about the IT industry and the position of QA engineer. As for coding – I had never written a line of code in my life.

In three months, I learned a lot thanks to the instructors and the well-designed program of QAmp. In addition to learingn about the IT industry and the position of a QA engineer, what seemed impossible at the beginning became reality – I started writing scripts for testing web applications. And, I now work as a Junior QA Engineer at Atlantbh.


What to expect at QAmp

The total duration of QAmp is up to 3 months. Classes will be held virtually via a live online stream. However, we believe that face-to-face interaction is crucial for the learning process, so some activities will be in-person (with the best panoramic view in town included).

QAmp will not only get you theoretical knowledge. QAmpers who successfully complete the education will be competitive in job interviews and ready for the job market.

Did we mention that QAmp is free? But, spaces are limited, so make sure you tweak your application and show us that you are the best candidate for QAmp.


Meet your QAmp Instructors

Medžida Šemšić

Lead QA Engineer

Medzida started her Atlantbh journey in 2019 as an intern. Thanks to challenging projects she had the opportunity to work on, mentorship experience and a fantastic team, she is now a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. Her expertise is in API Testing, Scenario Design, Testing and Automation, Release management, Performance and Load testing.

Naida Zahirović

Senior QA Engineer

Naida has been a part of Atlantbh for five years. The complexity of the project she works on helped her acquire various skills that helped her grow from a Junior to a Senior QA Engineer role. Although she herself continuously learns new things every day, she also teaches and mentors new team members. Like them, you will learn about testing theory from Naida, and get a glimpse into what QA really is, and its importance in the IT industry.

Tarik Bašić

Senior Software Engineer

Tarik currently works as a SRE (Site Reliability Engineer), which is quite a unique role in Atlantbh. Although he graduated from the Department for Electrical Power Engineering, as soon as he tried Software Engineering, he realized how interesting and challenging it was. Soon after, he became a Software Engineer in Atlantbh, and later a SRE. For him, problem-solving and a detailed understanding of system structure, architecture and infrastructure are the most appealing aspects of his job.

Nejla Maksumić

Senior QA Engineer

Nejla has been a part of Atlantbh for two years. Although she didn’t study to be a QA Engineer, after graduating English Language and Literature, she figured out that skills learnt there can help her make a career shift. Nejla recognized that she might have the talent and potential for a QA career, and she went for it. After successfully completing the ABH internship and joining Atlantbh, very quickly, she progressed from a Junior to a Senior QA Engineer.

Bilal Ćehić

QA Engineer

From a young age, Bilal liked solving problems, troubleshooting, and investigating how something was created. At the time, he found the Criminology career a perfect fit, but a few years later, he discovered QA. Bilal says that he still uses the skills obtained during his studies and sees software testing as a crime scene. When presented with information, he has to take relevant facts as evidence and analyze them to find the bug.

What to expect?


Call for QAmp applications

We can't wait to receive another 400+ applications this November. Is yours ready yet?

When will you know?

Keep a close watch on your phone, as we expect to complete the interview and selection process by the end of the year.

New Year – New You

QAmp lessons start at the beginning of 2023. So, what does this mean for you? Next year can be a game changer and before spring ends, you can have a whole new QA career.

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