Upon starting a new job, one often has many uncertainties. I can relate to this. They may come in many shapes and sizes – various doubts, expectations, worries and questions. Above all, one may silently entertain a very subtle, but very real, spark of hope for what awaits in the new workplace. I feel like it’s the first day of school, each and every time.

This brings me to my next point. I feel that it is very rare, if not nearly impossible, that any of these hopeful expectations, materialize – let alone surpassed.  A month in Atlantbh did just this for me.

The question is where should I begin conveying this journey?! In retrospect, I heard of the prestigious company, years before actually walking through the glass chamber. I’ve always heard of Atlantbh being associated with being a family. It’s this notion of collectivity and support, that was the greatest tease for me – always fostering a longing to join, to be part of this force.

My first week was as nothing anticipated – it was a rollercoaster ride. From being greeted with an Atlantbh welcome package, to lots of faces, lots of names, lots of chats, a voyage through the mesmerizing office space (seemingly each hour was spent in a new venue), attending ABH Internship demos (all the whilst not understanding a single word), welcoming a new member to Atlantbh (an ABH intern), welcoming a new cycle of ABH interns, and finally, several creative meetings later, I was finding it incredibly difficult to bottle up all the creative ideas, constantly emerging. Still slightly weary of the possibility that it wasn’t real…that this was all just the so-called “honeymoon phase”, yet now, a month later, I feel it has somehow flourished even more.

My second week was, likewise, quite an adventure. From the very start – several interviews, coordinating events for the new ABH interns, standardizing and improving the current selection process and even instructing a voluntary yoga class, after work, at Atlanbh – a chance I grasped, to be able to give back to the warm and inclusive team.

My week three felt like it was month three. The level of comfort I felt, ascending to the top floor, and entering the snug space of the office, filled with inspirational, radiant minds, after such a short period of time, is quite profound. I felt a clarity in my work goals, thriving creativity, integration and birthday cake. Furthermore, week three saw the addition of a fellow HR team member – more inspiration for the whole Talent Management unit. A welcome addition to our newly formed team.

After 3 whirlwind weeks, week four crept up on me, somehow, instantaneously. I felt the ease of waking up, each morning, going to a space full of support, motivation, innovation, brilliance and hard-work. The people are special, intriguing, talented and so very, very helpful. I deeply feel that the space itself is instigating and manages to somehow be enchanting and professional, simultaneously.

How could anyone have expected Atlantbh, to fully live up and surpass expectations? Surely, the golden rule is, if something is overpraised – it can never actually live up to the hype?

Atlantbh sees each day fostering a new discovery, a problem-solved, a game of table-tennis won – the birth of a new journey, each and every day, and I am proud to finally be a part of it.

About the Author

Nina Čengić is one of the Talent Managers at Atlantbh. She has always been interested in talent management and the development of human potential, leading to her master’s in Human Resource Management. She is currently involved in the selection process at Atlantbh where her goal is to provide more attention and care to each and every individual.

All information in this specific blog represents the personal opinion of Nina Cengic and does not necessarily reflect that of Atlantbh.

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