To mark 20 successful years, Atlantbh awarded 20 scholarships to students of IT study programs across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Educating and training young people is one of our priorities. By supporting various student associations, sponsoring young talents so they can attend competitions around the world, and the ABH Internship which we have been organizing for the past 5 years, we continuously strive to invest in young and aspiring future IT professionals.

In addition to these reoccurring activities, we’ve offered our ABH Scholarships to IT students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina for the second consecutive year. ABH Scholarships were offered in two categories: students who have displayed outstanding success throughout their studies and students from socially disadvantaged families. Last year we had 10 scholarship recipients, but this year we will be celebrating our 20th birthday which marks 20 years of achieving extraordinary results through our cooperation with some of the world’s largest companies, so it was only right to double up. That is why, this year we provided 20 scholarships to deserving students, valued at a total of 55,000 BAM.

“The software industry has enormous potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we, with all of our activities, want to retain young people in the country. We want to show them that they can grow and work for the world’s best companies without leaving their homeland. This year we will be celebrating our 20th birthday and to mark the occasion we want to reward twice as many students as we did last year. By providing scholarships to students attending study programs closely related to the IT industry, we strive to contribute to their further education and development in the field. We received a large number of applications and we’re disappointed that not all of these worthy students will be able to receive a scholarship. However, we are very proud of the top 20 ranked students who came from different parts of the country. Congratulations to all! “, said Milad Čerkić, CEO of Atlantbh.

Azra Kapić, a student from the Northern town of Cazin, had this to say: “I am a student of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Technical University in Bihać and I am also a triplet. This scholarship will not only help me throughout my studies but my sisters as well, and it will be an additional incentive for me to work harder.”

A student of Software Engineering at the Zenica Polytechnic Faculty, Lejla Vardo, says she would like to build her future in Bosnia and Herzegovina: “The scholarship will cover the costs of my studies, which means a lot to me. In the future I want to be a developer, I hope in Sarajevo, but I would definitely not leave Bosnia. I believe that you can succeed here as well and influence positive change.”

I am currently studying Computer Science at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. I plan to invest in my development, I will use the scholarship to buy books and some other tools that will allow me to become better in this field. I definitely want to get into programming in the future and I’m currently interested in mobile app programming. I recently won a hackathon with my team and I want to continue developing that application,” says Dzenita Djulovic from Živinice.

New cycle of QAmp begins
February 23, 2023

New cycle of QAmp begins

Thanks to the success of the first generation of QAmpers, our Talent and QA team had quite a challenge ahead of them. The second cycle of the Atlantbh QA education had over 900 applicants! This is what happens when you have real success stories to share. After a detailed selection…

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