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Agile Product Management

Your projects are constantly falling behind the schedule? Scope creep is becoming a constant? Release management is non-existent? If you are struggling with any of the above, our team of experienced project managers might be able to help. We have been in the Software Engineering industry for 20+ years and have seen it all. With experience working on tight schedules, we can assess, establish, and coach your teams to achieve flexibility without affecting delivery, resulting in working software and continuous development upon each release.



We combine your project needs with our tech expertise and business logic to ensure an effective Product Management experience. Our process follows the Agile Methodology, providing flexibility where necessary.

What we do

Based on your project needs, we will form a team with the necessary expertise to oversee current processes, help with setting clear goals and objectives, introduce missing practices and coach the teams on how to deal with common obstacles in the process, such as budget restrictions and changes. Agile development methodology, feasibility tests, and requirements generation are only a few of the tools our management teams can use to adapt rapidly and maximize business value. 

  • Product management across the complete life cycle
  • Idea generation and conceptualization
  • Product Design
  • Development
  • Release management and maintenance

How we do it

Agile Product Management is all about guiding a product through every step of a product’s lifecycle — from development to positioning and pricing — by focusing on the product and its customers first and turning your ideas into reality.


Creating Product Vision

A clearly defined product vision is an essential prerequisite for successful software. The product vision establishes your product's purpose and what problems it tries to solve for customers and users. It should inspire and motivate your employees and be clearly communicated and commonly understood among all stakeholders. Our team of experts can help you identify or re-evaluate your product vision.

Gathering requirements and managing product backlogs

Over the years, we have mastered the ability to understand the real needs of customers and users and how to translate them into clearly defined feature requirements that align with the product vision.

Moreover, we can coach you in breaking those requirements into smaller chunks of work and setting their priority in a way that will deliver the most value to the product in the least amount of time.


Release planning and increasing product value

By helping you define and optimize the processes within or among your teams, we can support you in achieving regular release cycles and delivering a valuable and usable product increment every two weeks.

Managing operational and technical risk

How to deal with ever-changing requirements? How to tackle technical debt? Which decisions led to technical debt? How to set up software architecture so it can scale and respond well to ever-changing requirements? These are some examples of risk-related situations we have gone through and can provide our expertise in dealing with them.

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