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Davor Kovačić

Principal Software Engineer @Atlantbh

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Big Data

With significant experience in helping large enterprises choose the best solutions for them, we know when to implement Big Data solutions and when not to. We are able to integrate with existing systems or develop green-field solutions based on open source or Cloud services. Our innovative approach has also helped our clients achieve their performance goals. We have years of experience in integrating traditional ETL-based enterprise systems with new Big Data technologies while maintaining flexibility and transparency to limit disruption.


Technology stack

We specialize in a wide range of technological solutions relating to Big Data. We also maintain partnerships with state-of-the-art providers in Cloud Computing infrastructures and data visualization tools.

What we do

With years of experience, we will help you determine the best Big Data strategy for your business. Most importantly, we will also tell you if Big Data is not the best solution, offering alternative options in the process. If we determine that your business needs include the use of Big Data, we offer a range of Big Data services.

  • Data ingestion
  • Data processing
  • Data extraction
  • Analytics

How we do it

Leave it to our expert Atlanters, our teams have been doing this before Big Data became a BIG deal.


Multidisciplinary Professionals

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals offer end-to-end visibility of software processes and systems. They are specifically trained in data analytics techniques, predictive models and Big Data technologies.


We are able to integrate into existing teams or develop entire teams from scratch, based on your needs. Using the agile methodology, we offer flexibility and transparency to implement Big Data solutions in a non-disruptive manner.


Our approach is realistic and adapted to your business needs by both evolving existing business intelligence systems and incorporating new solutions.


All of our services are also backed by DevOps and Software Development experience, ensuring the best solution for your business.

Blogs and Success Stories

Insurance company – Unified processing of small and big data setsBig DataBlog
August 18, 2022

Insurance Company – Unified processing of Small and Big Data sets

Make it work, then make it fast Atlantbh had the opportunity to implement a back-end software solution for an insurance company. The client required a data processing engine able to transform different sizes of data varying from a few kilobytes to dozens of gigabytes, using the same mechanism. Having a…
Big DataBlog
August 10, 2022

Data hunters – How Big Data changed the world (of golf)

Ever-increasing amounts of big data in health care, data gathered through mobile applications, fitness data… It is considered an advantage that these data are automatically collected and analyzed using all sorts of analytical tools, machine learning, AI technologies, or data mining. Still, the human factor is the core of how…
amazon elastic mapreduceBig DataBlog
December 1, 2020

Amazon Elastic MapReduce web service

Introduction Hadoop as a platform enables us to store and process vast amounts of data. Storage capacity and processing power are directly related to the size of our Hadoop cluster and scaling it up is a simple as adding new nodes to the cluster. (more…)

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