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Mirnes Omerkić

Principal DevOps Engineer @Atlantbh

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Cloud and On-premises DevOps

Our experienced engineers can help you and assist in setting up your application stacks and infrastructure, following up on widely accepted and the most recent DevOps practices. Whether you are encouraging Cloud as a solution or prefer (own) On-premises infrastructure, we’re equally good at both sides in delivering what’s the best for you. We’re proficient with major Cloud providers and their services, so we can provide you with an entire cloud-based infrastructure, migrate your legacy apps, and/or make them cloud-ready. On the other hand, we’re very skilled with various Configuration and Infrastructure Management Tools; thus, we can achieve a high level of automation, resiliency and availability within your private data centers as well.


Technology stack

We are a team of experts specialized in a wide range of DevOps-related technologies, including Cloud providers, various Containers and Infrastructure management tools, Logging/Monitoring tools, CI/CD and Code Quality check tools, and so on. Here are the most commonly used ones, but we’re always open to employing other (less known) tools if that makes sense and it’s practical for a given case.

What we do

Our engineers carefully plan the best possible infrastructure for a given application stack and approach the setup by achieving high availability, redundancy, and cost efficiency. We make your services dockerized, packaged, and Kubernetes ready with appropriate configs and secrets management solutions in place. We establish various automated pipelines (CI/CD, testing, code quality checks) and set up the right solution to monitor the entire stack (centralized logging/monitoring/alerting). We take security seriously, thus, we apply the best (and the most recent) security practices within all stages mentioned.

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Dockerized and Helm (or Kustomize) packaged Applications
  • Kubernetes as containers orchestrator
  • High Availability, Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Centralized Logging, Monitoring and Alerting
  • Configs and Secrets management
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Automated Testing and Code Quality checks
  • Optimized Costs

How we do it

With dozens of skilled experts on board, we are fully equipped to help you develop the best infra solution for your apps, move your existing applications to the cloud or improve your existing DevOps practices.


Autonomous Teams

We provide an autonomous team managed by a dedicated Product Owner who regularly reports to you and consults on all important decisions in the project, providing transparency and flexibility.

Tech Talent Breakdown

Our teams include experienced Software and QA engineers, maintaining an optimal ratio of developers to QA throughout the development process. Teams also include DevOps engineers, Scrum masters and other Tech talents when needed.

Size Matters

We can accommodate any team size, starting small and growing steadily based on project needs.

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