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Samra Džubur

Data Analyst Manager @Atlantbh

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Data Analytics

We help you turn raw data, delivered in various formats and knowledge domains, into meaningful insights. While the process is highly automated, we consistently include an individual analyst’s perspective, which takes into account your specific business requirements and goals, ensuring we provide you with the best possible solutions based on your data set. Subsequently, we are able to deliver an array of statistical overviews, data quality issue detections and recommendations for data-driven decision making.


Technology stack

We specialize in a wide range of technological solutions relating to Data Analytics to tackle any data set. When necessary, we can also provide Data Science solutions.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive kit of Data Analytics services to convert your data into actionable insights. Whether you have historical or real-time data, traditional Big Data, we can accommodate your business needs and offer transparency and flexibility throughout the process.

  • Data preprocessing
  • Data visualization
  • Issue detection
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data comparison
  • Statistical reports
  • Data quality reports
  • Recommendation delivery
  • Development of custom analyses

How we do it

Data is a numbers game and we make sure the figures always add up.


Defining Analysis Goals

Communication with our clients is essential when defining analysis goals. Just like our conclusions are used in the client's decision-making process for business needs, the client's feedback is used in our decision-making process when choosing an analysis approach. There are many perspectives to a single problem, we use the client's specific requirements and input to help us choose the adequate perspective.

Defining Analysis Steps

After defining the goal of the analysis, we proceed with creating precise steps for answering the analysis questions. However, we do not implement them before checking their logic flow with other teammates.

Improving the Analysis Process

While there are many perspectives on a single problem, there are also many problems that have not been identified earlier. This is a typical use case for when we need to improve our current analyses or create new ones. The first step is to create a Proof of Concept (POC), which we present to our clients and, of course, consult with the whole team during the process.

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