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Emrah Karahan

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Product Design

Our team of UI/UX designers have designed it all, from mass-market products to very specific B2B tools. In our ideation and design sprint workshops, we get the creative process moving and develop new ideas and innovative solutions. Using various methods and tools such as personas and customer journeys, we are able to determine your end-users needs and create prototypes of the desired service, enabling you to test your idea prior to development. We use the feedback you provide to optimize the process and ultimately deliver a modern, sleek and user-friendly design.



We offer creativity and design expertise to ensure you receive a high fidelity design based on your product needs within a short period of time. Our process follows the agile methodology, providing flexibility where necessary.

What we do

Our Product Design service is the best fit for start-ups or when developing products from scratch. Our expert teams can offer a prototype within 4 to 6 weeks, resulting in a high fidelity design of the product MVP, an engineering estimate for the project and an initial product backlog.

  • Product design cycle management
  • Idea generation and conceptualization
  • High fidelity prototyping
  • MVP design (Clickable prototype)
  • Usability testing
  • Engineering estimate for designed product

How we do it

Implementing an agile approach to the product design cycle, ensuring a viable design within a short period of time.


Multidisciplinary Professionals

This service is usually performed by a team of 3 people including a Product Owner, UI/UX Designer and Software Engineer. Looking at products from different perspectives helps to nail down both user and business perspectives and allows us to consider the most complicated scenarios from a UX and engineering perspective.

Design Approach

We begin the design process with a design sprint or client workshops to get the creative juices flowing. After these workshops, in which we wireframe the product, we start working on high fidelity design. We either design the most complicated or most interesting screen first, to inspire the rest of the design.

The design is sent to the client every 2-5 days and feedback is collected for the next iteration. The end product is a clickable prototype ready for usability testing and engineering assessment.


Ready for development

Clickable prototypes can be transferred to user stories and added to the product backlog. With the design process done in advance, the client minimizes the risk of changes in the development phase.

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