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Alma Kalauzović

Product Manager @Atlantbh

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Product Management

Our Product Management team is able to provide ideas for new products or services and suggest improvements to existing ones. From conceptualization to design and development, we can turn your concept into a working prototype within a short period of time. With experience working with tight schedules, our team will implement agile methodologies to provide flexibility without affecting delivery, resulting in working software and continuous development upon release.



Combining your project needs with our tech expertise and business logic to ensure a productive Product Management experience. Our process follows the agile methodology, providing flexibility where necessary.

What we do

Using the Agile development methodology, design thinking and test-and-learn approaches our Product Management team is prepared to adapt rapidly and maximize business value while looking after the end-users.

  • Product management across the complete life cycle
  • Idea generation and conceptualization
  • Product Design
  • Development
  • Release management and maintenance

How we do it

Our team provides support throughout the entire product management life cycle, turning your ideas into a reality.


Strategy and Planning

During the Strategy and Planning phase, our Product Manager will work to develop a shared understanding between all stakeholders on project goals, constraints, and a high-level plan. This alignment ensures that the team is always focused on delivering business outcomes that executive sponsors desire.

Product Conceptualization

The Product Manager works with the creative team of UI/UX designers and lead engineers to conceptualize design and challenge product ideas. Working in close feedback loops with the client representative, we provide new iterations quickly and adapt to needed changes. This reduces costs in the pre-development phase and minimizes impediments in the development phase.

Agile Development

Depending on project needs, one of the agile methodologies will be implemented during the development process. We provide an autonomous team managed by a dedicated Product Owner who regularly reports to you and consults on all important decisions in the project, providing transparency and flexibility. Our teams also include experienced software engineers and QA engineers, as well as DevOps engineers, Scrum masters and other Tech talents when needed.

Blogs and Success Stories

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Staffyourself: Turning a vision into a Product

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February 9, 2018

6 Steps for more effective retrospective meetings

If you follow Scrum (or agile) practices, the term “retrospective meeting” should be familiar to you. The Scrum Guide, defines retrospective as “an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.” Despite retrospectives being a necessity, according…

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