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Bakir Jusufbegović

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer @Atlantbh

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Quality Assurance

No matter what type of application you develop and how “revolutionary” it is, if it has major bugs, you will lose your customers. No software is “bug-free”, but you can certainly provide QA processes to minimize the possibility of major problems. We provide well-established and proven QA processes. Our QA engineers implement various manual/automated controls/gates to prevent major issues from slipping through the UAT/Production environments and ensure that any existing issues don’t happen again in the later stages of delivery of the end product.


Technology stack

We are specialized in a wide range of technology stacks but mostly ones that are based on Java, Javascript, and Ruby programming languages.

What we do

We offer a wide range of quality checks/techniques/best practices/tools which are helping us to make sure that the end product really satisfies or even excels the needs of the customer.

  • Planning and preparation
  • Exploratory testing
  • Validation of acceptance criteria
  • Test automation
  • Establishing QA controls/gates
  • Embedding quality in CI processes
  • Load/performance testing

How we do it

We make sure it can be measured/quantified.



Establishing clear acceptance criteria, which is a starting point for both developers and QA engineers.


During initial development, we develop test cases from the acceptance criteria and communicate the effort with the rest of the team (PO, developers) in order to minimize any discrepancies in understanding what needs to be developed/tested.

Exploratory testing

We are deploying the initial version of the app and doing exploratory testing in order to evaluate how developed feature behaves. There is a "back-and-forth" communication with the development team regarding the bugs found and fixed. This process also generates new test cases and enhances existing ones.

Validation of acceptance criteria

Test cases eventually cover defined acceptance criteria, and the testing process is conducted to show that acceptance criteria are met.

Automation of documented test cases

In parallel with testing the feature, we are also working on automating test cases as well. These automation scripts are the basis of our future regression test suite. Also, any bug found on the application becomes a candidate for automation, so we have early detection of the same problem if it occurs ever again.

QA Sign-off

QA engineers define a set of checks that must be done before providing a sign-off, which signals that a feature can be released to the UAT/Production environments. This set of checks is: all sprint stories are validated by QA, smoke and regression testing on the QA environment is performed with no critical defects found, and load/performance testing is completed without significant performance degradation.

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